Google’s Nexus Tablet Isn’t Helping Wrap Rage

Like road rage, wrap rage is one of those things that comes out after a long day in which just nothing seems to go right, and all you want to do is open a package, but you can’t! You can’t, because it’s like a tiny Fort Knox for the gadget inside, specially designed to cause the most frustration possible when trying to open it. No, that’s not a joke; plastic clamshells are made with two requirements:

  • Make it easier for employees to stock
  • Make it harder for shoplifters to steal

The customer doesn’t figure into that equation at all, despite the fact that we’re the ones paying for it. Earlier this year, plastic clamshell packaging was voted the worst piece of design ever done by the users of Quora. Most manufacturers besides Apple don’t see anything wrong with that, but stores like Amazon and Walmart are trying to convince their manufacturers to actually think of the customers for a change. In the meantime, the latest news in the field is Google’s Nexus tablet, which is supposed to compete with the iPad, but unlike the iPad is thoroughly frustrating to even take out of its box. Below, a montage of frustrating Nexus unboxings, followed by a nice iPad one, followed by a hilarious clip of Larry David trying to open a clamshell on Curb Your Enthusiasm:

Via The Atlantic and The Atlantic Wire

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