Quick Political Quiz Tells You Who To Vote For

The website is called I Side With, and the quiz has 23 questions — 34 if you opt to go deeper — with generally three questions in each of the following categories: social, environmental, economic, healthcare, domestic, foreign policy, immigration and science. Most questions have yes or no answers, but all give you the option to make a more nuanced choice. At the end, it tells you not only which of eight candidates you side with — it counts minor parties, too — but also a percentage of how much you agree with each candidate, with the voters in your state, with Americans nationally, and with the various parties. Finally, it also breaks down which candidates you agree with the most, for each category.

Candidates on iSideWith.com


And the ideological pool that it draws from is surprisingly big; besides Obama and Romney, it includes nominees of parties you’ve never heard of:

It also, surprisingly, includes Ron Paul even though he’s not a nominee for any party, presumably because he would win the Libertarian Party nomination if he would only seek it instead of pretending he’s a Republican. But the good thing about all of this is that it educates voters to the fact that they might agree with a third party more than they do with one of the major two — even if, as Ron Paul undoubtedly knows, they would never throw their vote away on a third-party candidate.


From I Side With, via NPR

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