Your Favorite Websites Reveal Your Politics

A digital media agency in DC crunched some numbers and correlated which websites people visit with how engaged they are politically, and who they’re voting for in November. The results in the infographic below are pretty interesting, and make a lot of sense:

  • Paypal and Ebay users are Republicans who are politically very active
  • Etsy, reddit, tumblr and xkcd visitors are disengaged Democrats
  • Farmville and Zillow: disengaged Republicans
  • Wikipedia, Quora, Buzzfeed: heavily engaged Democrats
  • Everyone’s on Facebook, YouTube, foursquare, Pandora and Skype, so being one of those users says nothing
  • Bing users are more Republican than Googlers
  • Instagram, Yelp, Spotify and Zappos are populated with moderate Democrats
  • Amazon, LivingSocial and Pinterest with moderate Republicans
  • Gmail users are very political people

From Engage, via Neatorama

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