Proper Running Form

The 30 second video below, made by Greatist, very quickly shows the elements to having great form while running.

In case you blinked:

  • The ball of the foot is the tough round part just under your big toe. Don’t land on that.
  • Don’t land on your heel either; it sends a lot of force up your leg.
  • Instead, the landing should strike just below the ball of the foot, at the mid-foot, under the arch.
  • Knees should be slightly bent as you land
  • Steps should be soft and springy, not heavy and hard
  • Land just in front of your center of mass, with your leg under your hip
  • Lean forward slightly to use gravity to propel your body, as if you’re always about to fall on your face but keep delaying it by stepping a foot in front of the fall
  • Drive your heel towards your butt after lifting it off the ground
  • Elbows should be bent at roughly right angles and drawn back

This advice agrees pretty well with what Runner’s World wrote on the subject last summer.

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From Greatist, via Lifehacker

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