What Your Drink Choice Says About You

College Humor has a great series of comics which illustrate what the various alcoholic concoctions mean:

  • Tequila shots: “Please validate my coolness”
  • Jägermeister shots: “I also need validation but Tequila tastes grooooss”
  • Martini: “This doesn’t really work if I’m not wearing a tuxedo, does it?”
  • Vodka + Soda: “I’m just trying to get drunk”
  • Vodka + Red Bull: “I’m just trying to get DRUNKER THAN ANYONE HAS EVER BEEN”
  • Vodka + Cranberry: “I’m a girl”
  • Light beer: “I’m here to party”
  • Regular beer: “I’m here to have a good time”
  • Fancy beer: “Why am I even here?”
  • Scotch: “Look at how sophisticated and mysterious I am”
  • Whiskey: “Wait, is whiskey different from scotch?”
  • Bourbon: “Honestly, these all taste terrible and I can’t tell the difference between them”
  • Fancy cocktail: “I’m interesting”
  • Gin + Tonic: “I’m boring”
  • Bloody Mary: “I’m hung over”
  • Plain soda: “I’m taking one for the team by driving tonight!!”
  • Water: “I’m only here because I’m fucking driving tonight”


From College Humor, via FAIL Blog

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