The iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Will Probably Be Announced September 12th

Apple generally announces updates once a year and the iPhone 4S was announced in October of 2011. According to iMore, sources are saying that this year’s announcement will happen on September 12th, and that the new, smaller, 7″ iPad will be announced the same day. They’ll both be in stores 9 days later, on September 21st. The small iPad might be called “iPad mini”, but no one really knows.  And the new smartphone might be the iPhone 5, but then again, it might not: the iPad 3 was just called the “new iPad”, so the phone might just be the “new iPhone”. According to the available evidence — which, with Apple’s secrecy, is never much — the new iPhone will be a little bigger, will have a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, a smaller dock connector, iOS 6, and will support 4G LTE. Again, all rumors and speculation based on leaks.

iPad mini concept drawing


via iMore

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