Most Americans Actually Think The TSA Is Doing A Good Job

This must mean that people are buying the security theater put on by the TSA, because that’s the only way these numbers make sense: according to a Gallup poll that hopefully comes from Bizarro world, 54% of Americans think the TSA is either doing an excellent or good job, and 76% think it’s very, or somewhat effective. If these numbers are true, it’s very clear that those who know better have done an absolutely abysmal job at informing the public about the TSA’s actual performance. Therefore, it’s up to you, the reader, to help the truth spread its wings. Some bullet points to mention to everyone you know:

  • In its entire 11 year existence, the TSA has detected a possible terrorist exactly one time, in January of 2012. Meanwhile, they let two real terrorists with explosives board planes, as well as failing to catch dangerous items like a stun gun and foot-long razor blades on regular people.
  • The Congressman who wrote the legislation to create the TSA wants it dismantled, because it’s become a bloated, ineffective bureaucracy which among other shortcomings, during tests in 2006, let 60% of explosives go through security.
  • He is joined by other Congressmen who want the TSA to be overhauled because “Today, TSA‘s screening policies are based in theatrics. They are typical, bureaucratic responses to failed security policies meant to assuage the concerns of the traveling public.”
  • Almost all “security procedures” enforced by the TSA are reactionary measures taken just for show, designed mostly to make us feel safer: they check shoes for bombs, while terrorists could hide them in body cavities or in thin sheets on their person. Liquids over 3.5oz aren’t allowed, unless they’re of a medical nature — meaning terrorists would just have to get them inside of a medical bottle. Everyone goes through checkpoints, except the people who work at airports, who could be terrorists themselves or be easily bribed by some.
  • The two measures that do work have been reinforcing cockpit doors and making sure every piece of luggage on a plane is owned by a passenger.
  • Despite “no-fly” lists containing thousands of names, one terrorist made it on a plane due to not being on the list, and another made it on even though he was on the list.
  • The naked body scanners don’t work: they often fail to detect items and, at the same time, have a high rate of false detection. One guy even demonstrated how to easily get metal or explosives past them and then interviewed a former TSA agent, who admitted the scanners are more or less useless.
  • To top it off, the TSA harasses and embarrasses children and the elderly in the name of this fake security, because it has to keep up the charade.


The whole concept of a security checkpoint is ridiculous: if terrorists wanted to kill a couple of hundred people, they wouldn’t have to board a plane — all they’d have to do is detonate a bomb at the checkpoint itself, where hundreds are corralled in close proximity in the security line, by the very agency that’s supposed to protect us. The reason scenarios like this — as well as similar ones, like attacks on shopping malls — haven’t happened is because what’s really protecting us is not the TSA, but rather law enforcement and intelligence agencies (police, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc) who catch terrorists like the Times Square Bomber, before they’re anywhere near an airport.

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From Gallup, via Forbes

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