Subway Etiquette

Good video on the dos and don’ts of subway transit:

  • The subway’s way hotter than the surface: wear layers so you don’t sweat and stink
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Get your Metro card out (and make sure it’s got money on it) way before you get to the turnstile so you don’t block people
  • Hold on to the poles on the subway that are comfortable, not the ones that place your arm pits in someone’s face
  • Give up seats for pregnant women, old people and cute girls
  • Only eat stuff that doesn’t make a mess or smell
  • Check your earbuds before putting them in your ear to make sure they’re not so loud that others can hear your poor taste in music
  • The subway’s not the place to take care of your personal hygiene and grooming
  • Read a Kindle or a newspaper if you’re bored

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From YouTube, via Laughing Squid

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