You Probably Don’t Need A Case For Your iPhone 5

Rarely do people dare take their phones into the wild concrete jungle without a case. Mostly because we fear that dropping it will shatter the screen, which means either replacing the whole phone, or the screen, or just putting up with it — none being good options. So instead, they deal with the case, just in case (ahem) the phone gets out of hand. However, what most people don’t realize is how sturdy iPhones have become.

You can see for yourself in the videos below: you would have to really try or be really reckless to break the screen on the iPhone 5. So if, like most people, you’re just afraid of dropping it once in a while, all that’s likely to happen is some minor damage to the sides. Adding a bulky plastic case over the great-looking phone to protect against that is like wearing bulletproof vests everywhere you go. Use cases for special occasions, like skiing or paddleboarding — but there’s probably no need for one at the office. Plus, this is the perfect point on which to pivot your superior taste: “No, I don’t have a case! Unlike you, I’m not a poor 1950s Italian family making ends meet in Queens.”

In this first video, a guy drops a Samsung Galaxy S3 and an iPhone 5 from various heights. The S3 is not as lucky well-made, and its screen breaks from a decent-height drop. The iPhone, on the other hand, gets a few dings on the bezel, but nothing major.


In this one, the guys at iFixYourI try scratching the screen with keys (to no avail) and then dropping it from increasing heights (still to no avail), until finally the guy throws it at the ground, face down, and the screen finally breaks in the corner. This, of course, is terrible news to the iFixYourI guys, who are probably used to making a lot of money by fixing iPhone screens.

From YouTube (first and second videos), via iMore

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