NFL Referees Make As Much As US Senators

Now that the NFL and their referees finally came to an agreement to end the lockout (thanks to the incompetence of the replacements on Monday), the refs are going to get a raise in 2013. Because 150k$/year isn’t enough for a part time job that consists of watching football from as close to the action as possible and then making boneheaded calls, in 2013 their salaries are going up to an average of 173k$/year. This, compared to our Senators who are busy driving the country into bankruptcy, and who make 174k$.

Official confusion in Monday's Packers v Seahawks game: one signals touchdown; the other, touchback. Stephen Brashear/AP


But lest you think that this weekend you’re gonna get yourself a referee job in some kind of quadruple win scenario, it’s probably easier to get elected to the Senate: you have to have 10 years of experience officiating football, five of which has to be at the college level or in another professional league. And it’s likely to take you at least five years of officiating high school football to get to the college level, meaning that if you get in the game now, you might just get to that easy money by 2025. Good news though: by then, refs’ salaries will be over 200k$.  You also have to be in good shape, and belong to a referee organization, but let’s face it: you’ve already got that covered.

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