YouTube Related Music Turns YouTube Into Awesome Pandora

So you’re out with your friends on Taco Tuesday enjoying some cheap Mexican and margaritas, generally having a great time, when all of a sudden someone blurts out “let’s go to your place and play adult Pin The Tail On The Donkey!” (it involves alcohol). Filled to the brim with taco glee, everyone cheers and before you know it, you’ve got a house full of people sorely in need of some uppity background music.

You could hit play on your iPhone music, but let’s face it: the last time you actually bought a song, Gaddafi was still alive. You might turn to Pandora, but it has all kinds of annoying commercials now, on top of the even more annoying way it won’t let you skip too many songs. And you just know that friggin’ Amanda is gonna sing her ass off for the first half of every song, then get bored and hit Next. At this point, your normal options are Spotify, Slacker Radio, or Grooveshark or something, but they all have their drawbacks. No, what you need is the most poorly, yet descriptively-named website in the world: YouTube Related Music.


YouTube Related Music


Besides the fact that it plays videos — which already makes it way more entertaining than simply “listening” to music like they did in the 1930s (and don’t you even say your laptop isn’t hooked up to the TV via HDMI) — you can skip around as much as you want, there are no commercials, and unlike Pandora which tries to expand your mind by throwing in some Enya in the middle of your gangsta rap station, it only plays music related to the song you start with. But even if it screws up or Amanda does her thing, you never have to worry about using one of your precious six skips an hour. Also, it has a really simple, uncluttered interface: you can see the playlist on the right, see the song that’s coming up next, (get rid of it if it’s not your bag), or play it. And if you hate the whole playlist, nothing’s keeping you from generating a new one. In short, it’s pretty much the best radio station since NewsRadio. Now go try it.

From YouTube Related Music, via Lifehacker

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