No, Tebow Doesn’t Think All Democrats Are Bums

There’s a tweet going around from the eve of election day 2012:

I’m predicting Obama will take an early lead tomorrow… Until all the Republicans get off work. #RomneyRyan2012

It’s supposedly by Tim Tebow, except for the fact that the real Tebow, the Messiah of football, would never say anything negative about one of God’s creatures. And he especially wouldn’t imply that Democrats are lazy, unemployed freeloaders that do nothing but occupy public spaces while waiting around to vote themselves entitlements paid for by the 1%. No, he would say nothing remotely close to that. Love him or hate him, you have to agree that the Mother Teresa of the gridiron should be picked up by the Saints, because he is one.


So what about the aforementioned tweet? It’s not really from @TimTebow, but from a joke account called @TheTimmyTebow. The real Blue Jesus has, for better or worse, still not yet sunk to our level. His last few tweets deal with college football and good wishes to the victims of superstorm Sandy. Also, people need to read those Twitter bylines; fake Tebow’s account clearly says:

Savior of football. (Parody account) Not in any way affiliated with Tim Tebow.

In other Tebow news, he was recently voted the most overrated quarterback (his teammate Mark Sanchez tied for second place, along with Tony Romo), he trademarked Tebowing (not to make money from it, but to protect how it’s used), he is a reluctant Ohio State fan now that his good buddy/father figure Urban Meyer is coaching there, and he’s finally got a girlfriend: an actress you’ve never heard of named Camilla Belle:


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