They Give Botox To Poker Players Now

The state of the art in masking your face in poker — because you’re not man enough to control it — used to be sunglasses and a baseball cap. But now, progress! Even better than your opponent looking at a mask is for them to gaze upon a creepy, stony version of your visage. If you can’t move your face, no one can tell what you’re thinking, and even better, they assume that you’re some kind of a freak. The doctor selling this strategy is named Jack Berdy and operates in Midtown Manhattan. A treatment will run you around 700$, but you can easily win that back in a game with your chemically induced poker face, so you’d be kinda stupid not to get the botox. It lasts about three months too, which is good because you won’t have to shell out that 700$ every time you play, but bad because everyone will hate looking at you.


From NY Post, via Neatorama

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