Nostradamus Predicted ‘Gangnam Style’ Would Reach A Billion YouTube Views On Mayan Doomsday

And by ‘Nostradamus’, I mean ‘the Internet’. Still, the fact that the prophecy came true is bizarre. About three weeks before the Mayan Doomsday of 21 December 2012, this image went viral:


It’s supposed to mean that the world would end when the Korean song ‘Gangnam Style‘ would get a billion views (1 followed by nine circles) on YouTube. Of course, the prophecy is a fake, just like many others, and Nostradamus never said anything of the sort. The strange thing is that it actually came true: on December 21st, ‘Gangnam Style‘ reached a billion views on YouTube — the first video to ever reach that milestone.

So either someone really prophesied it, maybe aided by some statistical forecasting, or the Internet population decided to make it come true by playing the video over and over in a concerted effort to reach a billion views on that date. In either case, it’s a very impressive feat.

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