Quite Possibly The First Good Review Apple Maps Has Ever Gotten

PC Magazine did a very rigorous test involving three people driving to the same stops, but using three different navigation systems: Google Maps, Waze and Apple Maps. Since it came out in the fall of 2012, Apple Maps has been the app everyone loves to hate, because it supposedly led people into lakes and off roads. Waze is one of those apps with a crazy core following: it’s crowd sourced and people can report police, hazards, traffic, etc. Google Maps, of course, was welcomed back to iOS with open arms at the end of 2012.

Apple Maps icon

Apple Maps icon


So in this test, the guy using Apple Maps arrived at the destination first, followed by Google Maps, followed by Waze. Which wouldn’t be significant, except for the fact that apparently everyone expected Apple Maps to send the guy into San Francisco Bay.

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From PC Magazine, via iMore

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