Hitler Reacting To The Google Reader Shutdown

If you use Google Reader, then you already know that it’s going away on July 1st, and are up in arms about it. Some decent alternatives are coming out of the woodwork to fill the void, more will undoubtedly launch in late June, and there’s a petition for Google to change its mind that’s gathered over 130k signatures. But, Google is busy making two-hour commercials and cars for the blind, and they don’t care about you. So in the meantime, here’s how Hitler took the news:

If you’re wondering, the clip is from a 2004 German movie called Downfall, about Hitler’s final days in his bunker. Since 2006, it’s been a popular meme to replace the subtitles to make funny videos to show outrage about various things. One of the best ones was about the release of the first iPad, in 2010:

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From YouTube, via FAIL Blog

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