Voyager 1 Has Now Left The Solar System 22x

On the heels of the latest news that Voyager 1 — the farthest man-made object in the universe — has left the solar system, xkcd decided to tally up how many times this has happened before:

The hover text reads:

So far Voyager 1 has ‘left the Solar System’ by passing through the termination shock three times, the heliopause twice, and once each through the heliosheath, heliosphere, heliodrome, auroral discontinuity, Heaviside layer, trans-Neptunian panic zone, magnetogap, US Census Bureau Solar System statistical boundary, Kuiper gauntlet, Oort void, and crystal sphere holding the fixed stars.

Note that some of those aren’t actually at the edge of the solar system, or even real things.

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