Local News Anchors Interview Ryan Lochte, Then Make Fun Of Him

If you’re a pop cultural hermit, Ryan Lochte is the bro graduate of the University of Florida who won 11 gold medals in swimming. He uses the word “jeah” a lot. For some reason, the network of such quality entertainment as Keeping up with the Kardashians, E!, gave him his own reality series, called What Would Ryan Lochte Do, probably because he thinks he’s the Jesus of swimming. The series premieres this Sunday, April 21st, so he’s been giving interviews to spread the word.

One of them was with the Philadelphia Fox affiliate anchors, who start the 90 second interview by asking “Why should we care?”, end it on a bathroom water sports joke, and then follow it up with another 90 seconds of straight up laughing their asses off, wondering how E! would get 13 episodes’ worth of material from him. The best footage local news has produced since they covered the Shake Weight.

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From YouTube, via The Superficial

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