American Airlines Promises Even LESS Legroom

This is not a joke: the VP of flight service said they expect to add seats on almost 70% of its planes. More seats + same amount of space = less space per seat. In the past 20 years, airline seats shrunk from an average 34″ of leg room to 31″; on some low-cost carriers, they’re even down to 28″.

no leg room


The only thing making American think twice about this is that the FAA requires a steward(ess) for every 50 seats, and American already averages almost 150 seats a plane, so adding any more seats means adding another flight attendant, which means adding enough seats to make that worthwhile. They’re also looking into using smaller seats, so they can cram more of them in.

So, any way you look at it, the message is “Don’t fly American”.

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From Airline Biz Blog, via NPR

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