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Skateboarding, Smoking Booze Dog


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How To Do Meetings, The Don Draper Way

This is from “Tale of Two Cities”, episode 10 of season 6.

And this one is from “The Phantom”, the finale of season 5.

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Kate The Wasp

Kate Hendricks is a comedienne who has a web series called Kate The Wasp. (WASP, meaning White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant.) It’s really good satire. Here she is joining OkCupid:

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From Kate The Wasp, via Cheezburger


How Not To Explain ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’ In 2 minutes

For those not cool/nerdy enough, A Song of Ice And Fire is the name of the book series of which A Game of Thrones is the first. (The name probably comes from Norse mythology, in which the first being, Ymir, was created in the void between ice and fire. There are lots of other Norse elements in the books, like long winterdragons, frost giants, giant wolvesflaming swords and magical trees. There’s even a blog about all this.) ANYWAY, Slacktory does a really funny job “trying” to explain the whole book series in two minutes:

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From YouTube, via Laughing Squid

Cubicles & Careers: Dungeons & Dragons For Fantastical Beings

Humans like to fantasize about worlds filled with wondrous creatures and magic and quests. But what would the inhabitants of such a place fantasize about? Frustrating worlds filled with cubicles and procedures.

From YouTube, via Neatorama

Pinpointing When Facebook Users Jumped The Shark

A video from The Onion goes over the new Facebook feature, LifePoint, which can tell you exactly when your life started going south:

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From YouTube, via Laughing Squid

@SavedYouAClick, Fighting Clickbait On Twitter

An eyecatching link on a website which encourages people to read on. It is often paid for by the advertiser (“Paid” click bait) or generates income based on the number of clicks.

-from Urban Dictionary

Clickbait headlines are quite possibly the worst thing to have happened to the Internet, ever. And like a virus, it keeps spreading, thanks to the success of terrible, terrible websites like Upworthy.

To fight this scourge, a Twitter guy (it’s gotta be a guy, right?) named @SavedYouAClick started reading a bunch of a clickbait articles and then posting awesomely sarcastic summaries of what you’d find in the article, were you to take the bait. Examples: (which are better understood by starting to read them at the RT, and then reading the beginning part)

Co-valedictorians RT @HuffingtonPost: Identical twins get school’s highest honor

Less than $6 per passenger. RT @cnni: Guess how much money airlines make when you fly. You might be surprised:

Run away. Fast. RT @businessinsider: A former Navy SEAL explains how to escape a dangerous situation

It’s called Drizly. RT @latimes: A liquor delivery app just launched in L.A.:

She’s pregnant again. Those are the details. RT @OK_Magazine: Breaking: @kourtneykardash is pregnant! Details:

LeVar Burton bringing back Reading Rainbow RT @Upworthy: That one time when a famous Hollywood person created a Kickstarter so kids can read

It’s not. It could give you a hand injury, though. @mashable: Why Texting Is Killing You

It’s a red panda. Cute, but not cutest ever. RT @Cosmopolitan: Is this the cutest GIF ~*eVeR?

Abandoned island near the Bronx. RT @HuffingtonPost: We’re pretty sure a visit to this island will give you nightmares

No. Just let it go. RT @GuardianUS: Does a spouse not liking Frozen qualify as grounds for divorce?

Water quality. RT @businessinsider: A chemist has uncovered the secret to brewing delicious coffee at home

Sexism. RT @Slate: What we found while lurking on an anonymous college message board for two years will disgust you:

Invaded Normandy. RT @businessinsider: Here’s how the Allies began to win World War 2, 70 years ago tomorrow

Because you’re not enjoying it. A study found they’re linked. RT @NYMag: Why you’re constantly exercising and never losing weight:

Wal-Mart sells a TON of CDs. RT @FortuneMagazine: Here’s why Pharrell and Robin Thicke played the Wal-Mart annual meeting for free

Florence. (It’s just a user poll). RT @mashable: What is the best summer vacation spot in the world?

It’s addictive.


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From Twitter, via FAIL Blog

Topless Woman Destroys McDonald’s

Where could this be? St. Petersburg Pinellas Park in — wait for it … that’s right! Florida. No other details yet about when and what happened.

Update, 9 April 2014: According to the Tampa Fox affiliate, the rampage happened after one of the McDonald’s employees turned down her offer of oral sex. The woman is apparently just plain crazy, since she wasn’t on drugs or anything. The fantastic narrators of the video have been fired by McDonald’s. Pinellas Park is just west of St. Petersburg, which is just southwest of Tampa.

Update, May the 4th, 2014: Looks like the video’s been taken off of YouTube, which is very unfortunate. The Daily Mail has a bunch of photos and the video though.

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From YouTube, Via My SunCoast

Kids Trying To Figure Out Rotary Phones

Rotary phones have been outdated for 30 years, so young kids in the mid-2010s only ever see them in really old movies. Consequently, said kids are adorable when they get their hands on one. Besides all the stuff you’d expect in a video like this – not knowing how to dial, or what a dial tone and busy signal are — the children are also astonished to find out you couldn’t text on one, and that even if you carried it around in a back pack, it wouldn’t work outside the house because it needed a wire.

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From YouTube, via Mental Floss

This One Comic Is Going To Forever Change How You Look At Clickbait

A headline is supposed to be a succinct summary of an article. Clickbait, on the other hand, is like the headline’s slimy, used-car salesman cousin. It’s vague, intriguing, hyped up, and created with only one purpose in mind: to make you click on that link. Over the past couple of years, lazy bloggers have more or less standardized the jargon, so pretty much any headline starting with “this” or “these” or a number, like “6 Ways The Grocery Store Is Ripping You Off” and “This hilarious cat will make you bawl your eyes out” is clickbait.

This insightful xkcd turned the eye of history on clickbait, and came up with 14 headlines that you won’t believe.


Some of these are really obvious, but if you’re stuck on what the headlines are about:

  • 1905: Einstein’s publishing of his Theory of Special Relativity
  • 1912: The Titanic sinking
  • 1920: Prohibition coinciding with women getting the right to vote
  • 1928: The discovery of penicillin
  • 1929: The start of the Great Depression
  • 1945: The end of World War 2
  • 1948: The Soviet occupation of East Germany
  • 1955: The discovery of the polio vaccine
  • 1957: The launch of the first man-made satellite
  • 1968: MLK’s and RFK‘s assassinations
  • 1969: The first moon landing
  • 1986: The Challenger exploding
  • 1989: The Berlin Wall being torn down
  • 1990: Basically every one of Buzzfeed’s headlines clickbaits

The hovering title text is about Einstein’s publishing of the Theory of General Relativity.

From xkcd