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Topless Woman Destroys McDonald’s

Where could this be? St. Petersburg Pinellas Park in — wait for it … that’s right! Florida. No other details yet about when and what happened.

Update, 9 April 2014: According to the Tampa Fox affiliate, the rampage happened after one of the McDonald’s employees turned down her offer of oral sex. The woman is apparently just plain crazy, since she wasn’t on drugs or anything. The fantastic narrators of the video have been fired by McDonald’s. Pinellas Park is just west of St. Petersburg, which is just southwest of Tampa.

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From YouTube, Via My SunCoast

Kids Trying To Figure Out Rotary Phones

Rotary phones have been outdated for 30 years, so young kids in the mid-2010s only ever see them in really old movies. Consequently, said kids are adorable when they get their hands on one. Besides all the stuff you’d expect in a video like this – not knowing how to dial, or what a dial tone and busy signal are — the children are also astonished to find out you couldn’t text on one, and that even if you carried it around in a back pack, it wouldn’t work outside the house because it needed a wire.

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From YouTube, via Mental Floss

This One Comic Is Going To Forever Change How You Look At Clickbait

A headline is supposed to be a succinct summary of an article. Clickbait, on the other hand, is like the headline’s slimy, used-car salesman cousin. It’s vague, intriguing, hyped up, and created with only one purpose in mind: to make you click on that link. Over the past couple of years, lazy bloggers have more or less standardized the jargon, so pretty much any headline starting with “this” or “these” or a number, like “6 Ways The Grocery Store Is Ripping You Off” and “This hilarious cat will make you bawl your eyes out” is clickbait.

This insightful xkcd turned the eye of history on clickbait, and came up with 14 headlines that you won’t believe.


Some of these are really obvious, but if you’re stuck on what the headlines are about:

  • 1905: Einstein’s publishing of his Theory of Special Relativity
  • 1912: The Titanic sinking
  • 1920: Prohibition coinciding with women getting the right to vote
  • 1928: The discovery of penicillin
  • 1929: The start of the Great Depression
  • 1945: The end of World War 2
  • 1948: The Soviet occupation of East Germany
  • 1955: The discovery of the polio vaccine
  • 1957: The launch of the first man-made satellite
  • 1968: MLK’s and RFK‘s assassinations
  • 1969: The first moon landing
  • 1986: The Challenger exploding
  • 1989: The Berlin Wall being torn down
  • 1990: Basically every one of Buzzfeed’s headlines clickbaits

The hovering title text is about Einstein’s publishing of the Theory of General Relativity.

From xkcd

Bound 3

Last week, Kanye released a music video called Bound 2. In the video, which is obviously produced by a teenager, he’s riding a motorcycle while having sex with a topless Kim Kardashian in front of cheap computer-generated backgrounds. It’s safe to say this was Kanye’s plan to top Kim’s sex tape with Ray J. But then, James Franco and Seth Rogen made Bound 3, a shot-for-shot remake of Kanye’s video, and it is pure genius:


Kanye’s original, Bound 2:

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From YouTube, via The Superficial

‘Game of Thrones’ Bad Lip Reading

As we’ve seen before, Bad Lip Reading is hilarious. When taking their art to Game of Thrones, they did something a little different, and turned it into a trailer for a campy medieval comedy along the lines of A Knight’s Tale. The results are great:

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From YouTube, via Neatorama

How To Explain Twerking To Your Parents

In response to the Miley Cyrus incident at the 2013 VMAs, the New York Times has a hilarious article in which the word “children” was replaced with “parents”. A brilliant tweak that lead to gems like this:

A critical first step is to acknowledge that twerking is a normal part of life and that there is nothing shameful in their questions. They’re parents, after all, and this is the sort of thing they hear about on NPR, and, well, they’re curious.

Go ahead, read the whole thing — it’s a good use of three minutes.

Miley Cyrus twerking

Miley Cyrus twerking

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From The New York Times

Why You Can’t Use Phones On Airplanes

College Humor has a great new video explaining why you can’t use electronic devices during takeoff and landing.

The great thing about the skit is that while the stewardess’ explanation is funny, it’s really not that far off the mark.

From YouTube, via Airplane9

Woody Allen’s Wolverine

From YouTube, via Happy Place

Those ‘Safe Place’ Signs Are Kinda Creepy

Safe Place sign reenactment

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“Comfortable With Him” Lingerie

College Humor made a great commercial for the unsexy stuff girls wear when they’re just not trying.

Tell him it’s a watch-Netflix kind of night in a pair of flannel pajamas. Or a bathrobe and a pair of Hanes from when you were fat.

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From YouTube, via FAIL Blog