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A Supercut of Sorkinisms

If you’re an Aaron Sorkin fan, you know he has favorite phrases and plot lines. He especially recycled a bunch between Sports Night and The West Wing which, for one year, he was writing at the same time. In fact, both of the last episodes of their first seasons were titled What Kind of Day Has it Been? 

Writers are mere mortals after all, so stuff like this isn’t surprising, and in fact it’s kind of a signature they leave in their work. In the seven minute video below, some of Sorkin’s signatures taken from A Few Good Men, Malice, BulworthSports NightThe West WingStudio 60 On The Sunset StripCharlie Wilson’s WarThe Social Network, and Tom Hanks’ 1993 Oscar Speech “for some reason”:

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Aaron Sorkin Is Writing The ‘Steve Jobs’ Movie

Two movies about Steve Jobs will be coming out somewhere around 2013: the first, will be an independent film called Jobs in which Ashton Kutcher will play Steve Jobs; the second will be a Sony studio film based on the definitive biography, Steve Jobs, written by famed biographer Walter Isaacson. Sony confirmed that the script for the latter will be written by Aaron Sorkin, so if you’re only going to see one, see that one.


Sorkin is arguably the best screenwriter in the business, having written more critically- and popularly-acclaimed scripts than probably anyone alive. While scripts for episodes of TV series are normally shuffled between a team of writers, Aaron Sorkin wrote every one of the first four seasons of The West Wing — a superhuman feat that was only possible due to his coke addiction. Since then, he’s written a play, a couple of movies, and is making a new TV show for HBO. One of the movies he made, The Social Network, was, like Steve Jobs, also an adaptation of a book about a young guy striking it rich in Silicon Valley.

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Aaron Sorkin Is Making ‘The Newsroom’ For HBO

After six years of being gone from television, one of the best screenwriters of our time is finally back! Aaron Sorkin left TV after Studio 60 flopped in 2006, and instead moved to other media: he wrote his first play in 17 years — an excellent one called The Farnsworth Invention, — a couple of very good movies (Charlie Wilson’s War and The Social Network), and touched up the script for a third (Moneyball). His new HBO series looks like a cross between his two best TV shows, The West Wing (first four seasons) and Sports Night, in that it’s about an impartial news anchor whose politics get outed: it has all the behind-the-scenes stuff that Sorkin loves to write about, plus political banter — the other thing he loves to write about. The series has got to be summed up by this quote: “I’m a registered Republican — I only seem liberal because I believe hurricanes are caused by high barometric pressure, and not gay marriage.”


Some of 'The Newsroom' cast: Jeff Daniels, Sam Waterston, Emily Mortimer, Allison Pill, and Olivia Munn


The anchor is played by Jeff Daniels and the president of the network is Sam Waterston, who is probably a lot like Isaac Jaffe’s character on Sports Night. Other familiar faces (and their equivalent Sports Night characters) include Emily Mortimer (Dana Whitaker), Allison Pill (Natalie Hurley), and Olivia Munn (Jeremy Goodwin). The series is going to start airing on June 24th, probably in the timeslot after True Blood.

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