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PSA Posters Warn About Doing Art

The College for Creative Studies in Detroit has a new advertising campaign done by Team Detroit.




The danger of dabbling in art, of course, is the same as the danger of dabbling in drugs: an unstable life of poverty; always trying to do more art, always wondering when your next paycheck is going to come, living in a shack with no heat because art took any chance of having a real career away — all the while being involved in a string of intense but brief flash-in-the-pan relationships with other art lovers, who, aside from the onlookers gawking at the train wreck that is an artist’s life, are the only people that will spend time with them. And it should be needless to mention that there’s also heavy drug use throughout.

From Tek1Now, via Neatorama

Who First Thought To Milk A Cow?

Pretty much everyone will gladly put some cow milk on their cereal, but give them horse milk, and they cringe. Give them human milk and they’ll throw it in your face; and then your stomach will turn. How does it make any sense that we find it disgusting to drink our own species’ milk, but we’ll lap up the bovine kind as if we had four stomachs? The answer of course is that no one thinks about it; we’re brainwashed at an early age to think that cow (and goat) milk is somehow natural — but if it comes from anything else, it crosses some wildly arbitrary line. Dog milk? Eww. Cat? Bear? Donkey? Gross. Pig? Why not pig? It’s basically a tiny cow. But noooo, that’s disgusting. And cow milk isn’t?


Let’s say the first guy who milked a cow was an ancient Sumerian named Brian. If you imagine what sort of situation would lead to you feeling around a pig’s nether regions and milking it, then actually drinking that milk, it would probably be in the neighborhood of the situation Brian found himself in. Which, by Occam’s Razor, probably means you’d be starving and say “hell, I’d rather milk that pig than die of famine”. Then you’d tell your other famished friends that instead of slaughtering the pigs and getting a few meals out of them, you can milk the pigs and get a sort of filling beverage for years. And voila: the milk pig is born.

But the British milk distributor Cravendale has some other, funnier ideas on how cow milking got started, which they share in a video entitled “Milk me, Brian“:

From YouTube, via Laughing Squid

Now *This* Is A Marketing Gimmick

Back in February, the Consumerist reported that a New Zealand clothing store called Superette installed embossed plates saying “Short shorts on sale Superette” at strategic spots on park benches. The idea was that women wearing short shorts would sit on the benches, and because of the plates’ placement, they would leave an indented print in the skin on the back of the women’s thigh.

This is just really brilliant, for a couple of reasons:

  • Even if the whole imprint thing doesn’t happen, they still have ads on park benches that will be seen because people will feel the embossed plates when they sit down. It’s probably a lot more expensive than a print ad, but also probably a lot more effective, due to how unusual it is
  • If the imprints do happen, two things will follow: first, the woman who got branded is likely to notice the ad (even if she didn’t on the bench), and tell everyone about what happened to her. Second, pretty much everyone walking behind her will try to read what it says, without looking creepy. Ergo, free walking models advertising their stuff.
  • If nothing else, they’ve gotten a lot of brand recognition since this went viral

Via Consumerist

The Opposite Of Max Headroom

Back in the ’80s, Max Headroom was a disembodied digital head* in a digital world. Thirty years later, we have iPad Head Girl, who is an embodied digital head in the real world. It’s a marketing stunt to promote the new Cosmo for Guys iPad app. A very very good marketing stunt.

* Max Headroom was actually not digital at all — he just appeared that way through the clever use of make-up.

Via Laughing Squid

Russell Brand In New TouchPad Commercial

Here’s funny man Russell Brand in a brand new commercial for Touchpad brand tablet computers.

Via PreCentral

Drug Commercials Explained

A smart parody of the formulaic (and deceitful) TV commercials for prescription drugs, that most people have no business knowing about anyway.

Via Laughing Squid

Dirt Exorcist

Dirt Devil made a very cool commercial, Exorcist-style. Too bad their vacuum cleaner loses suction because it’s not a Dyson.


Dirt Devil-The Exorcist from MrPrice2U on Vimeo.


Via Laughing Squid

Monkey Cowboy Dog Horse

I’m not sure what Taco John is, but now I want some.



Via Laughing Squid

Royal Wedding, Hip Edition

T-Mobile made a hilarious commercial that’s both a parody of the upcoming British royal wedding and an homage to an awesome wedding entrance video that made the rounds a couple of years ago. Both videos are embedded below — the commercial’s first.
If you’re just returning from the South Pole, Prince William of Wales, Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson and Charles and Diana’s son, is marrying a commoner named Kate Middleton.



Via Neatorama

Finger-licking Good!

New, hilariously creepy Skittles commercial.



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