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Aaron Sorkin Is Writing The ‘Steve Jobs’ Movie

Two movies about Steve Jobs will be coming out somewhere around 2013: the first, will be an independent film called Jobs in which Ashton Kutcher will play Steve Jobs; the second will be a Sony studio film based on the definitive biography, Steve Jobs, written by famed biographer Walter Isaacson. Sony confirmed that the script for the latter will be written by Aaron Sorkin, so if you’re only going to see one, see that one.


Sorkin is arguably the best screenwriter in the business, having written more critically- and popularly-acclaimed scripts than probably anyone alive. While scripts for episodes of TV series are normally shuffled between a team of writers, Aaron Sorkin wrote every one of the first four seasons of The West Wing — a superhuman feat that was only possible due to his coke addiction. Since then, he’s written a play, a couple of movies, and is making a new TV show for HBO. One of the movies he made, The Social Network, was, like Steve Jobs, also an adaptation of a book about a young guy striking it rich in Silicon Valley.

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Apple Makes As Much Money As All Of New Zealand

A cool new infographic shows exactly how ridiculously successful Apple is. Keep in mind that when Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, the company was weeks away from bankruptcy; now it’s the most valuable company in the world:

  • Its annual revenue is on par with New Zealand’s GDP
  • It has over 100B$ in cash, with which it could buy T-Mobile, Nokia, Netflix, Adobe, Twitter and RIM (who makes Blackberry).
  • It also could use that money to build and run a station on the moon for 8 years, buy all their employees mansions, buy everyone in the world a meal at McDonald’s (including dessert), end world hunger for three years, hire the Russian military for two years, or buy all the sports teams in America and pay for the Olympics.
  • 30% of smartphone users have an iPhone
  • There are 600,000 apps in the app store, and they’ve been downloaded 25 billion times


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Apple Co-Founder Likes The New Windows Phone

Steve Wozniak, known by nerds all over as “Woz”, was the technical brains behind Apple. He and Steve Jobs first started building computers in Jobs’ parents garage: Woz knew the electronics and technical details like the back of his hand, while Jobs had good taste. The two Steves grew apart over the years, and Woz stayed on at Apple for a couple years after Jobs got fired in 1985. Being a fabulously wealthy nerd, he now consumes all the gadgets he can. His favorite phone is the iPhone, but he also has a few Androids and likes that you can tinker with them more than you can with the iPhone.

Well according to a new interview, he also has the new Windows phone (Nokia Lumia 900), whose interface he likes so much that he thinks Steve Jobs may have reincarnated at Microsoft. And he definitely prefers it to his Androids, but not his iPhone. With this kind of endorsement, maybe mobile Windows isn’t dead yet — much to the chagrin of the Blackberry crowd.

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Apple Stores Are By Far The Most Profitable Retail Spaces

A good measure of how profitable retail stores are is that of sales per square foot. Rather than just using sales alone, this measure evens the playing field between giants like Costco and small stores like Gap. And by that measure, Apple makes almost twice as much as the next store on the list, the jewelry store from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Tiffany & Co. The top performers on the list are all boutique chains, and the first big box store, Costco, comes in sixth, with a meager 18% of Apple’s sales per square foot. Overall however, things are completely reversed: Apple had 17% of Costco’s total sales.


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J.D. Power’s 2012 Smartphone Satisfaction Survey

They rated manufacturers, not devices, which makes it easy for Apple to win since they only make one phone, and it also happens to be pretty awesome. Consumers rated Apple significantly above the other manufacturers, and only it and HTC were rated above the industry average. The other big Android manufacturer, Samsung, was rated just slightly below average, followed closely by Motorola; LG rounded out the Android makers. The rest were all the other (non-iOS, non-Android), failed smartphone operating systems that are still drawing their last breaths: Blackberry ranked about the same as LG, followed by Nokia and, at the very bottom, the now-defunct HP/Palm webOS phones.


Next time your friends want to get an Android phone, point to the iPhone’s place at the top of the user satisfaction survey, their record sales numbers, and their crazy high 89% customer retention rate.

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Apple: What AT&T Tried To Be

Back in the 1990s, AT&T was a giant telecommunications company and former government-sponsored telephone monopoly that spanned most of the 20th century, until 1982. But the 2000s hit it hard, and in 2005 it was finally bought by one of its former subsidiaries, Southwestern Bell, which then changed its name and became the AT&T we know today.

AT&T Logo in the 1960s


In 1993 however, the original AT&T tried to brand itself as an innovator that would bring the future to the masses. This was exemplified by an ad campaign which showed then-futuristic things that are now all too familiar: e-books, tablet computers, online shopping, video calls, GPS navigation, streaming movies, self-checkout and Siri. The tag line was “… and the company that will bring it to you: AT&T.”

Ironically, if any one company could take credit for bringing those technologies to the masses, it would be Apple — which at the time was on the fast track to bankruptcy. In the decade that followed, Steve Jobs returned to Apple and turned it around while AT&T began its slow descent into insolvency. But regardless of which company did actually bring the future to us, the ad campaign remains eerily prescient.

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Apple Siri TV Parody

This might not be that funny if you haven’t used Siri a few times, but if you have, it’s hilarious.

From YouTube, via Laughing Squid

Apple Is Making A TV Set

Besides the fact that Steve Jobs accidentally met his real father without either of them knowing, it sounds like the other interesting revelation from The Gospel of Steve Jobs according to Walter Isaacson is that before he died, folks at Apple had reinvented the TV. Said Jobs to Isaacson: ““It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine,” as if anything else was even a possibility.  Anonymous Apple employees who can’t keep secrets say that the guy who invented iTunes (and had a big role in developing the iPod) is heading up the project — which, if it’s not called iTV, then Tim Cook isn’t doing a good job impersonating Jobs… who would’ve probably bought itv (the British TV network) just to get the trademark.

Apple is of course not acknowledging anything in order to build buzz and you know… keeping being Apple. But besides this rumor having popped up before, Steve also told his biographer that AppleTV (the toy that connects your Apple gadgets to your TV), was just a hobby, not an actual money maker. The iTV though will probably do stuff like integrate cable and streaming video into one interface and come with Siri and iCloud installed. Speculators say it’ll be out sometime in the next year or two. By then, Google will probably also come out with a mediocre TV, or at least a clunky operating system for it.

From Bloomberg

Fun With Siri

Joshua Topolsky figured out that Siri is more than moderately helpful:


For those wondering what Siri is, it’s the digital assistant on the new iPhone 4S. You can talk to it in normal English with your voice and it responds, usually by voice also. It’s meant to do more banal things that finding a body-hiding spot though — things like setting your alarm, sending texts, telling you what the circumference of Earth is, etc.

Joshua’s post has a bunch more screenshots in which he asks it what the meaning of life is several times, where to buy drugs from, if he makes Siri horny (in response, she directs him to an escort service), etc.

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Real-World Siri Video

Stuff.tv has a three minute video of people playing around with Siri, the new voice-operated personal assistant in the iPhone 4S.

From YouTube, via Laughing Squid