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If Batman Tried Superman’s Disguise

Make It Wayne No. 13: Master of Disguise

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From What Would Josh Do, via Neatorama

Sociopathic King Joffrey Was A Sweet Little Boy In ‘Batman Begins’

King Joffrey may look like he’s 13, but he’s actually 20. The actor’s name is Jack Gleeson (no relation to Jackie Gleason) and back in 2005 — when he actually was 13 but looked like he was 8 — he had a small park in Batman Begins:


And then someone made this joke:

Joffrey in 'Batman Begins'


Given that the scene above isn’t in the video above it, it’s impossible to tell if the joke has any basis in reality… at least not without re-watching Batman Begins — and ain’t nobody got time fo’ that.

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via George Takei

Bane, The Telemarketer

Funny or Die has a second episode of the rehabilitated life of Bane. In the first, we saw how he was dealing with being paroled; in this one, he’s getting accustomed to life in the office.



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From Funny or Die, via Neatorama

Rehabilitated Bane

Funny or Die made a funny video imagining what Bane would be like after he got put on parole.


From Funny or Die

Batman’s Night Out In Toronto

It’s hard to say exactly why this video is hilarious, but it is.

From YouTube, via Laughing Squid

Batman 3 (The Dark Knight Rises) Trailer

Warner Bros. released the trailer for the last of Christopher Nolan‘s Batman series. The movie features Catwoman and Bane, who famously broke Batman’s back in the comics.

In August, they released a short teaser also.

From Vimeo and The Dark Knight Rises

Batman And Bane On The Set

The Superficial has a bunch of photos from the set of The Dark Knight Rises, most notably of Bane reading his script, and Batman fighting Bane.


All we’ve previous seen of Bane is the photo from a viral marketing campaign.

From The Superficial

Photo Of Bane in Batman 3

The photo below is the treasure at the end of a sleuth game viral marketing campaign. The website thedarkknightrises.com is just an audio file that when analyzed leads to a twitter account whose followers’ thumbnails make a version of the image below. Pretty cool, huh? BTW, the guy in the picture is Tom Hardy as Bane.

Update (Aug 1st, 2011) — more photos from the set have surfaced.

From SuperHeroHype