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The Relationship-Grammar Test

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If you don’t get it: George R. R. Martin writes the series A Song of Fire and Ice, of which A Game of Thrones was the first book. The series features a lot of incest. J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series, in which Ron and Ginny Weasley are two of the main characters, and siblings.

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The Detroit Rule

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Those Who Profess To Avoid Drama Are Bound To Create It

'Drama' is just 'people being upset', when someone says they're always surrounded by drama and they just ignore it, it starts to make sense that their strategy might be backfiring. -- Randall Munroe

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The Paradox That Is Dog

The following are a few panels from a hilarious comic from The Oatmeal — with an existential twist — about how paradoxical dogs are. Click on it for the full deal:


From The Oatmeal

How To Slow Michael Phelps Down In A Pool


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What Your Drink Choice Says About You

College Humor has a great series of comics which illustrate what the various alcoholic concoctions mean:

  • Tequila shots: “Please validate my coolness”
  • Jägermeister shots: “I also need validation but Tequila tastes grooooss”
  • Martini: “This doesn’t really work if I’m not wearing a tuxedo, does it?”
  • Vodka + Soda: “I’m just trying to get drunk”
  • Vodka + Red Bull: “I’m just trying to get DRUNKER THAN ANYONE HAS EVER BEEN”
  • Vodka + Cranberry: “I’m a girl”
  • Light beer: “I’m here to party”
  • Regular beer: “I’m here to have a good time”
  • Fancy beer: “Why am I even here?”
  • Scotch: “Look at how sophisticated and mysterious I am”
  • Whiskey: “Wait, is whiskey different from scotch?”
  • Bourbon: “Honestly, these all taste terrible and I can’t tell the difference between them”
  • Fancy cocktail: “I’m interesting”
  • Gin + Tonic: “I’m boring”
  • Bloody Mary: “I’m hung over”
  • Plain soda: “I’m taking one for the team by driving tonight!!”
  • Water: “I’m only here because I’m fucking driving tonight”


From College Humor, via FAIL Blog

Kool-Aid Is Creepier Than You Imagined

From Three Word Phrase, via Neatorama

Slept Like A Baby



From My Dirty Glove and Man Eggs

Pascal’s Wager


Pascal’s Wager says that since there are only two possibilities (either there is a God or there isn’t), if you’re a selfish ass just looking to save your hide from eternal damnation in the fires of hell, you might as well just believe in God. If there isn’t a God, you don’t lose anything — but if there is, you gain a lot. The two main problems with this way of thinking are:

  1. the one shown above: the probability of choosing the correct god out of the hundreds of religions — without any actual evidence to help you out — is very low.
  2. assuming you somehow choose the correct religion, once reaching the Pearly Gates or their equivalent, they would probably kick you out anyway, because you’re nothing but a self-serving coward who only believed out of convenience and fear, not out of conviction.

Ergo, Pascal’s Wager is asinine. Good thing Pascal also had triangles and pressure on his resume.

From imgur, via Adam