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2012 White House Christmas Decorations

Cute video, following the Obamas’ dog, Bo, through the Christmas-laden White House:

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From YouTube, via Laughing Squid

The Cutest Tiger Cub Ever

From YouTube, via Neatorama

North Dakota Is Still Wholesome

The Internet has been all over a positive review of an Olive Garden in Grand Forks, North Dakota, because “who reviews the Olive Garden?” So if you’re in need of a happy reminder that places like Grand Forks exist, where an Olive Garden coming to town is a big deal, and sweet 85-year old grandmothers work for the town paper, write five articles a week, and would rather play bridge than blog, this is the story for you:

Also, the journalism gene must run in the family, because her son works for the Wall Street Journal and he wrote an article about the whole thing.

From The Grand Forks HeraldCBS News and The Wall Street Journal, via NPR

The Cutest Pitch For Organic Food Ever

A kid did a simple science experiment that shows how pesticides affect plants. She focuses on chlorpropham, which is used to inhibit plant growth and which, as the video shows, works quite well. Chlorpropham is largely unregulated, and long-term exposure may cause tumors.

From YouTube

Probably The Cutest Thing You’ve Ever Seen

Piggy (Tabitha) and Puggy (Susie) the boxer playing together at Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norwich, England — a couple hours northeast of London.

From YouTube, via Neatorama