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Frustration Can Be Hilarious

This girl can’t sing that well, which is all well and funny, but the video gets downright hilarious when she starts shrieking like a five-year old every time she misses a note.

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The Dumbest FSU Fan

Apparently, she didn’t realize the mirror reverses things when she was putting the makeup on. And no one had the heart to tell her she was cheering for a backwards USF.

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The 10 Biggest Failures Of 2011

FAIL Blog conducted a poll of the “failiest” people of the year, from most to least:

  1. US Congress: in the wake of the credit downgrade, Congress received its lowest approval rating ever: 14%. Not even their compromise super-committee team could agree on a way to get us out of debt. Just the yesterday, an 11th hour deal was reached to avoid a government shutdown — for two months. In other words, we are being governed by the Korean pensinsula.
  2. Westboro Baptist Church: the people whose love overfloweth so much, that they protest funerals. When Steve Jobs died, they announced — from an iPhone — that they would picket his funeral.
  3. Kim Kardashian: faked the most lavish non-royal wedding of the year in order to get a few more millions.

    George Takei on Kim Kardashian's divorce
  4. Rebecca Black: the 13-year old who became an Internet pariah after her rich parents let her make quite possibly the worst song and music video of all time.
  5. Charlie Sheen: had the most epic public breakdown since Howard Hughes.
  6. Muammar Gaddafi: after 40 years of rule, the Condoleeza Rice-loving dictator who was protected by Charlie’s Angels, caught a bullet  that ended the 6-month long Libyan revolution. Borat is making a movie parody of him called The Dictator:

  7. Casey Anthony: probably killed her own daughter, but at the very least she tried to cover up her negligence. And then got away with it all, thanks to reasonable doubt.
  8. Jerry Sandusky: the former college football coach that set up a charity to use as a harvest field for boys to molest. Got Joe Pa fired. Faces 52 counts of sexual abuse amortized over 10 boys.
  9. Lindsay Lohan thinking she still looks healthy in March

  10. Lindsay Lohan: the formerly cute starlet whose train wreck of a life is second only to Charlie Sheen’s: in January, she got released from court-ordered rehab after 3 months, stole a necklace in February for no reason, then got put under house arrest for 35 days in May, for violating her probation — this, instead of 120 days in jail, due to overcrowding. In October, she again violated her probation by not doing her community service, so she got 30 more days in jail (of which served 5 hours, due to overcrowding) and has to do 400 hours of community service at the county morgue. In the middle of all of this, she decided to do a nude photo shoot for Playboy, since she’s probably running out of money.
  11. Anthony Weiner: the married Congressman who accidentally publicly twitted a pic of his weiner instead of privately sending it to a college student he was sexting with. At first he refused to resign, but eventually did anyway.

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Hat Fail

If only this guy’s hat had some sort of visor to protect his eyes from the sun…

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Too Literal


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Impressive Backflip Fail

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