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The 2016 Game of Thrones Election

Between Cersei Clinton and Walder Trump


‘Game of Thrones’ Is Filming A Lot Of Peniscola

Peniscola from the beach (1985)

Peniscola from the beach (1985)

Watchers on the Wall has had a lot of blog posts lately about Game of Thrones being interested in Peniscola, Spain. For example, they report that there was a casting call for babies there, because Peniscola is a perfectly valid place name. And in October, the town — whose name supposedly and inexplicably evolved from the word ‘peninsula’ — is due to host some 600 extras without tattoos, also for the Emmy record-slaying series. They will be shooting in the historic entrance to Peniscola, and two plazas, one at the foot of the famous Castle of the Moon Pope, pictured above.

Additionally, the Khaleesi will be shooting some scenes in the small town of 8,000 people, which is also called “The Gibraltar of Valencia” — though that’s not its official name for unknown reasons, as its official name is Peniscola. Again, it means “peninsula”… why, what were you thinking of? OMG, grow up! You are SO immature. I can’t believe this.

penis cola

Also, Jon Snow is for sure still alive. The Daily Mail got a picture of him on set, all costumed up. He’s in Northern Ireland, not Peniscola.

Jon Snow on set in Northern Ireland

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Excellent Hodor Cosplay

Hodor with Bran cereal

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The Original Plot of ‘Game of Thrones’, As Pitched In 1993

Three years before A Game of Thrones was published, a 44 year-old George R. R. Martin sent in the first 13 chapters of it to his agent, Ralph Vicinanza. With it, he included a three-page letter that laid out his vision for the series, which he had already named A Song of Fire and Ice. Pictures of the letter’s pages are below, but here are the salient points:

  • As is well-known, the series was originally supposed to be a trilogy — it since became (at least) a heptalogy:
    • The three books were to be named A Game of Thrones, A Dance with Dragons, and The Winds of Winter. The latter two names were eventually given to the 5th and 6th books, instead.
  • GRRM made it a point to say he had a strong notion of the plot and the fate of the main characters, but that he purposely didn’t want to know where the story was going, so he wouldn’t lose interest in writing it.
  • The overall plot was supposed to be comprised of three successively more serious conflicts, each being the focus of one of the books:
    1. The fight for the Iron Throne in A Game of Thrones
    2. The invasion of the Seven Kingdoms by Daenerys and her Dothraki horde in A Dance with Dragons
    3. The invasion of the Seven Kingdoms by The Others in The Winds of Winter
  • “I want the reader to feel that no one is ever completely safe, not even the characters who seem to be the heroes. The suspense always ratchets up a notch when you know that any character can die at any time.”
  • “Five central characters will make it through all three volumes”: Tyrion, Daenerys, Arya, Bran and Jon Snow
  • “Sansa Stark, wed to Joffrey Baratheon, will bear him a son, the heir to the throne, and when the time comes, she will choose her husband and child over her parents and siblings, a choice she will later bitterly rue.”
  • Robb Stark was supposed to maim Joffrey in battle, but then be killed himself — also in battle; no mention of the Red Wedding. Tyrion was then supposed to besiege and burn Winterfell instead of Theon
  • Before there was a Red Wedding, Catelyn was supposed to “die at the hands of the others”
  • Bringing a touch of incest to the “good” characters, Arya and Jon were to fall in love, but not do anything about it and instead remain tormented by passion “until the secret of Jon’s true parentage is revealed in the last book.” So, clearly Ned really is not Jon’s father, giving even more credence to R+L=J
  • Daenerys was supposed to kill Khal Drogo as revenge for him killing her brother, then run off into the Dothraki Sea, find the dragon eggs, hatch them, and use them to subdue the Dothraki and prepare to invade the Seven Kingdoms as their leader
  • After Tyrion “removed” Joffrey, Jaimie Lannister was supposed to kill his way to the Iron Throne and then blame Tyrion for all the murders. Tyrion would side with the Starks and fall in love with Arya, leading to a “deadly rivalry between Tyrion and Jon Snow”.

And now, without further ado, the actual photographs of the letter’s pages:

GRRM letter, page 1 GRRM letter, page 2 GRRM letter, page 3


The pictures were apparently taken at the London headquarters of HarperCollins, which publishes the A Song of Ice and Fire series in the UK and has the letter up on a wall, behind acrylic, in a “George R R Martin Room”. That paragraph that’s blacked out has piqued the interest of Reddit, where an effort to decode the text using methods that would make a spy jealous has made this much progress so far:

Decoded redacted paragraph from GRRM letter


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How Not To Explain ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’ In 2 minutes

For those not cool/nerdy enough, A Song of Ice And Fire is the name of the book series of which A Game of Thrones is the first. (The name probably comes from Norse mythology, in which the first being, Ymir, was created in the void between ice and fire. There are lots of other Norse elements in the books, like long winterdragons, frost giants, giant wolvesflaming swords and magical trees. There’s even a blog about all this.) ANYWAY, Slacktory does a really funny job “trying” to explain the whole book series in two minutes:

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We Do Not Sew

Hilarious Game of Thrones pun on Deviant Art:

We Do Not Sew by rony-robber

We Do Not Sew by rony-robber

If you don’t get it, the pun is on “We Do Not Sow”, which are “the words” (i.e., motto) of House Greyjoy, whose sigil features a kraken.

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‘Game of Thrones’ Bad Lip Reading

As we’ve seen before, Bad Lip Reading is hilarious. When taking their art to Game of Thrones, they did something a little different, and turned it into a trailer for a campy medieval comedy along the lines of A Knight’s Tale. The results are great:

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George R. R. Martin Reacts To Reaction Videos Of The Red Wedding

He seems thoroughly pleased, and also like he is going to ride a Harley in style on the way home.

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The Red Wedding Was Based On A Real, Historical Event

Warning: third season Game of Thrones spoilers

In the third season of Game of Thrones (and the book it’s based on A Storm of Swords), the Starks become too powerful and threaten the crown, held by the boy king Joffrey and his family, the Lannisters. So, the Lannisters conspired with a Stark ally, Lord Roose Bolton, and with Lord Walder Frey who Robb Stark insulted by breaking an oath to marry one of his daughters. The Freys agreed to forget the insult if a Stark cousin marries another Frey daughter. During the wedding, Frey and Bolton men massacred the 16 year-old head of House Stark, Robb, and his entire contingent.

The real life inspiration for this is apparently an event called the Black Dinner, and it took place in Scotland — which itself is likely the inspiration for The North — in 1440. In that time, Clan Douglas had become quite powerful and was a threat to the crown, held by the boy king James II of Scotland and his advisers, William Chrichton and Alexander Livingston.  So, the advisers conspired with a great-uncle of the Douglases and invited the 16 year-old Earl of Douglas, William, and his younger brother David to a conciliatory dinner at Castle Edinburgh. During the meal, Chrichton and Livingston arrested and beheaded them in the presence of the king.

It’s called the Black Dinner because the clan was also known as the Black Douglases (more on why below) and because, supposedly, the signal to arrest the boys was someone bringing the head of a black bull into the feast hall.

Roose Bolton killing Robb Stark at the Red Wedding

Roose Bolton killing Robb Stark at the Red Wedding


Besides the similarity between the boy kings (13 year-old Joffrey and 10 year-old James II), the boy head of the rival clan (16 year-old Robb Stark and 16 year-old William Douglas), and the deadly ruse of a conciliatory feast, there are others. Both Joffrey’s father in the books, King Robert, and James II’s father in reality, King James I, were assassinated. And Robb Stark’s father Eddard was named regent of the boy king, as was William Douglas’ father, Archibald, 5th Earl of Douglas. (Ned Stark never actually got to be regent because he was executed pretty quickly, but Archibald was regent for about two years until he died of a fever.)

And, in another parallel, in the early 1300s, James Douglas was the best friend of King Robert The Bruce, much like Ned Stark was the best friend of King Robert Baratheon. There were also two branches of Clan Douglas: the main Black Douglases and the offshoot Red Douglases, which came from the illegitimate George Douglas, who by the way, was seen a product of incest because his mother was also his father’s sister-in-law. In the Song of Ice and Fire series, besides the Starks, there are the Karstarks, which came from a second-born Stark, Karlon.

After the Black Dinner, since the murdered William was 16 and had no children, the head of Clan Douglas passed to William’s great-uncle James, who became the 7th Earl. (Historians believe James was complicit in the Black Dinner, since he stood to gain greatly from it.) He died about three years later, and his son, another William, succeeded him as the 8th Earl. Almost another decade later — 12 years after the events of the Black Dinner — King James II invited this second William to a negotiation, and not having learned from the fate of his same-named cousin, he went. During the meeting, they got into an argument and the King stabbed William and threw him out of a window. Court officials then pummeled his body some more after.

William’s younger brother James then became the 9th Earl of Douglas, and took up arms against King James II to avenge William, but he lost in battle to the King and the Red Douglases, and the title of Earl of Douglas died with him — the Red Douglases were Earls of Angus. So, if history is any indication, it’s not looking good for the Starks.

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HBO Updated Its ‘Game Of Thrones’ Maps For Season 3

Aside from The Lands of Fire and Ice book, the HBO Viewer’s Guide has the best map of the world from Game of Thrones. It’s been on their website since the first season, but it was very meager then. During the second season, it got a big update with a lot more detail, and the most complete map of the eastern continent, Essos, anywhere. This year, the update’s not as big, but it does have more detail and more cities that didn’t appear in the season 2 version. Beyond that, the viewer’s guide also added an appendix that has more history and background info.

HBO Game of Thrones map for season 3

The only weird thing is that when you click on some cities, it pops up with a “People of this region” dialog box, except that what it really means is “People that having been in this region”. For example, in the screenshot above, Robb Stark is most certainly not of the Twins. He just passed through there a couple of times. Robb Stark is of Winterfell.

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