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Cop Lip-Sync’ing To Taylor Swift While Driving

This is just hilarious. The best part is how he pauses when people can see him, because now the whole world sees him. The second best part is definitely how well he knows the song. And the third, how much he gets into it. It’ll make your day.

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From YouTube, via Neatorama

The ‘Cutest Gangsta I Know’ Is Now In A Car Commercial

About six weeks ago, some guy caught his wife rapping in the car to Salt-N-Pepa’s 1993 hit, None of Your Business, put the 40 second video on YouTube, and it has since garnered some 16 million views. Apparently, Acura thought this would make for a great car commercial because they put her in the new one for the 2015 Acura RDX, in which she raps along to Blondie’s Rapture. It first aired during the Rose Bowl, and came out pretty well:

The woman is Chelsea Ranger from Ontario, Canada. Her husband — the one who filmed her — is Paolo Salomao and is a creative director and co-founder of the East End Project studio. About a week after he posted the YouTube video, Chelsea appeared on the Ellen show, where they shooped:

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Via iSpot.tv, Car Crushing and The Washington Post

The Cutest Gangsta Some Guy Knows, Is His Wife

Here she is, rapping to Salt-N-Pepa’s 1993 hit, None of Your Business:

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Frustration Can Be Hilarious

This girl can’t sing that well, which is all well and funny, but the video gets downright hilarious when she starts shrieking like a five-year old every time she misses a note.

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‘Die Young’ Airplay Time Nosedives After School Shooting

“Hmpf… that makes sense”, thought everyone. Meanwhile, Ke$ha is probably on her way to desecrate the earthly, as well as spiritual remains of the festering coward responsible for it all. According to TMZ, in the three days since the Sandy Hook shooting, the song has dropped from 167 million listeners to 148 million, as radio stations realize they should probably take a break from playing it. It was #3 on the charts prior to the shootings.

From TMZ, via The Superficial

Nickelback + Instagram = Great Potential For Ridicule

Pretty much everyone can agree that there’s really no reason either Instagram or Nickelback should be around. So here’s a funny video making fun of Instagram, set to the music of the 2005 hit (for some stupid reason) song “Look at this photograph” by Nickelback:

From College Humor, via Laughing Squid

Hilariously Misheard Song Lyrics

Some of these, you’ll wonder how you ever heard them properly to begin with — in between wiping your laughter tears:

From YouTube, via Pleated Jeans and FAIL Blog

Finally, Scientific Proof That Conductors Do Something

During rehearsals, conductors definitely do a lot: they create the rehearsal schedule, yell at musicians that don’t play something quite the way they want, and make small adjustments to the score. But after the last rehearsal, during the performances, does the wand- and hand-waving that conductors live for, actually mean anything? (Also, the head thrusts, for which a special kind of conductor haircut is required.) After all, the musicians have the score, they’ve rehearsed it to the conductor’s satisfaction, and could probably play it back with or without him standing in front them, gesturing as if he were doing some serious programming in Minority Report.

Tom Cruise conducting a computer in Minority Report


The theory of orchestral music is that the conductor could make minor timing changes during a live performance, and since the whole orchestra is paying attention to him, they would stay in harmony. This being an important scientific question, scientists devoted considerable science to answer it: they put infrared LED lights on the tip of a conductor’s baton and on the tip of violinists’ bows in his orchestra. They recorded the infrared movements and used special computers and mathematics (and science) to figure out if the violin bows followed the baton. And it turns out they did. So now we know for sure that musicians really do pay attention to the conductor. Thank you, science.

Oh, and they also figured out that orchestras with more authoritarian conductors produce better music.

From NPR

This Is China’s New First Lady

To be fair, she likely only sounds like a tortured cat because that’s what Chinese country music is supposed to sound like. Also, besides being a popular singer, she’s a major general in the army — so that’s impressive.

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From YouTube, via NPR

Why MTV Doesn’t Play Music Videos Anymore

Short answer: money. Longer answer: music videos are on YouTube now, and they’re not worth the paper they’re printed on. Longer, infinitely more hilarious answer:

From YouTube, via Laughing Squid