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YouTube Related Music Turns YouTube Into Awesome Pandora

So you’re out with your friends on Taco Tuesday enjoying some cheap Mexican and margaritas, generally having a great time, when all of a sudden someone blurts out “let’s go to your place and play adult Pin The Tail On The Donkey!” (it involves alcohol). Filled to the brim with taco glee, everyone cheers and before you know it, you’ve got a house full of people sorely in need of some uppity background music.

You could hit play on your iPhone music, but let’s face it: the last time you actually bought a song, Gaddafi was still alive. You might turn to Pandora, but it has all kinds of annoying commercials now, on top of the even more annoying way it won’t let you skip too many songs. And you just know that friggin’ Amanda is gonna sing her ass off for the first half of every song, then get bored and hit Next. At this point, your normal options are Spotify, Slacker Radio, or Grooveshark or something, but they all have their drawbacks. No, what you need is the most poorly, yet descriptively-named website in the world: YouTube Related Music.


YouTube Related Music


Besides the fact that it plays videos — which already makes it way more entertaining than simply “listening” to music like they did in the 1930s (and don’t you even say your laptop isn’t hooked up to the TV via HDMI) — you can skip around as much as you want, there are no commercials, and unlike Pandora which tries to expand your mind by throwing in some Enya in the middle of your gangsta rap station, it only plays music related to the song you start with. But even if it screws up or Amanda does her thing, you never have to worry about using one of your precious six skips an hour. Also, it has a really simple, uncluttered interface: you can see the playlist on the right, see the song that’s coming up next, (get rid of it if it’s not your bag), or play it. And if you hate the whole playlist, nothing’s keeping you from generating a new one. In short, it’s pretty much the best radio station since NewsRadio. Now go try it.

From YouTube Related Music, via Lifehacker

Gangnam Wedding

This is a great parody video, in which a real bride and groom in San Francisco shot their wedding video Gangnam Style.

From YouTube, via Neatorama

Jimmy Fallon’s Barbershop Quartet Singing Reggae

As genre mash-ups go, this one is hilarious.

From YouTube, via Laughing Squid

All The ‘Call Me Maybe’ Parodies + The Meh Gorilla

The parodies are great, but the gorilla from Glove and Boots really brings home the funny.

From YouTube, via FAIL Blog

George R. R. Martin Needs To Hurry Up

The Game of Thrones TV series is named after the first book in the series A Song of Ice and Fire, written by George R. R. Martin. He still has two books to write before the series is completed, has been writing notoriously slowly lately, and doesn’t exactly look like a picture of health, so readers are anxious. Going by the average period of time between his books in the series, the sixth book should come out in 2014 and the last one in 2017. There are three problems with this scenario:

  1. That’s a really long time to wait for closure. For early fans of the books, 21 years total… enough for the first book to legally buy mead.
  2. GRRM (as he’s known) might have a heart attack by then.
  3. The TV series may overtake the books: assuming a new season every year, the seventh season will air in 2017. Which means production would start in 2016. The third season will only cover half of the third book, so everything gets pushed back a year: the seventh season will air in 2018, at the earliest, since they may split other books into two seasons.

The third point above could easily be addressed by HBO delaying each season a little and adding another year by the time the seventh season starts, something HBO has done in the past. But it still assumes GRRM will go back to writing faster, which is doubtful because the average of three years mostly reflects his writing a decade ago: while the first three books took about two years a piece, the fourth took five years and the fifth, six; hopefully the sixth won’t take seven.

George R. R. Martin


The second point has been addressed by GRRM himself, because he’s apparently told the show runners the big picture of how the series will pan out, in case something happens to him. He also said he won’t let the show overtake the books, so hopefully that means he’s writing faster. But just in case, a couple of comedians made a song which urges the “great bearded glacier” to write like the wind, because we “need our allotment of incest and injury and six-page descriptions of every last meal”. It also points out that The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings series were completed in five, ten and twelve years, respectively; A Song of Ice and Fire will probably take around twenty, and William Shakespeare wrote dozens of plays in a shorter time.

From YouTube, via Paul and Storm and Laughing Squid

We’re Not Young

Amazingly hilarious parody of Fun’s We Are Young, by Yahoo!’s SketchY comedy team.

Full lyrics:

Give me a second I —

I don’t have time it’s getting late

My friends are all parents now

Dinner parties with cheeseplates

My girlfriend she is waiting for me

To buy a diamond ring

Been together eight years now

Feel like I’m settling

You know that college was ten years ago

I know you’re trying to forget

Depression and anxiety

Has come on strong since 33

Has made it hard not to crack

So if by the time I’m 40, I’m still a waiter here,

I’m killing myself…



We’re not young

We’re all somewhere in our 30s

And nothing worthy

This ain’t fun



We’re not young

I guess that I’ll learn Photoshop

Maybe I’ll sell pot

Start a blog


Now I know that I’m fat

Shut up about that

I guess I’ll do elliptical

Maybe I can finally do that yoga class

But I probably won’t


Gonna stay at home and watch Modern Family



We’re not young

Gonna get our shit together

Be less distracted

Words With Friends



We’re not young

It’s time to get my prostate checked

I’m a nervous wreck

That’s not all


Apply to grad school tonight

Yoga teacher training tonight

Real estate test tonight

Improv class tonight


We just need a word. I heard “pineapple”. PINEAPPLE! “Ugh, 4$ for a pineapple: can you believe this thing?” “You think you have it tough? Try raising this baby!”


Might have a drinking problem

I got a DUI

So someone come and drive me home tonight


I need health insurance

I got a dental sty

And I’m really gonna start that blog



We are scared

So let’s… just…. uh…




We’re not young

We’ve accomplished almost nothing

I have no money

Where’s my gun?


So if by the time I’m 40

And I’m still a waiter here

Oh please God, I don’t even wanna imagine it




And finally, the We Are Young song and lyrics:


From YouTube and Yahoo!, via Neatorama

Music Star Evolution


Via Pleated Jeans

Staying In Anthem


If you’re lost, it’s a parody of Party Rock Anthem, by LMFAO.


From YouTube and College Humor, via Neatorama

He-Man Is Sexy And He Knows It

Awesome mash-up of Sexy and I Know It and He-Man footage.

An earlier upload of this video got taken down from YouTube because of a copyright complaint, so who knows how long this one will be up there. With all the SOPA/PIPA hoopla, this is especially ironic, since it being a parody of both the LMFAO song and He-Man, it’s covered by Fair Use and perfectly legal.

From YouTube

China Hopelessly Trying To Fight America’s Coolness

The New York Times is reporting that China has a pretty serious program for fighting the advances of Western culture into their country: even with its strong restrictions on imported culture, the top grossing movies in China were Avatar and Transformers 3. The government’s response was to make it clear that such restrictions aren’t going away, and that instead they will pour more money into Chinese cultural programs. The only problem with that is that anything made in China has to fall in line with their censorship program. For example, their government just removed almost a hundred entertainment shows from the air because they weren’t educational enough. Economically speaking, they’re lowering the supply of enjoyable entertainment for which there is great demand, and flooding the market with educational programs for which there already is little demand. Ironically, the result will undoubtedly be more demand for Western entertainment that’s hard to get and less for the freely available Chinese culture, because the perception always is that what’s hard to get is valuable and what’s freely available is worthless.

Chinese audience watching Avatar


In effect, the analogy is that of a very conservative family: the parents forbid listening to rock music and instead provide all the Christian pop known to man. The kids therefore, both out of sheer curiosity and to fit in with their friends, listen to rock music illicitly at friends’ houses, secretly in their rooms and at stores on the way home. Eventually, they realize that nothing’s wrong with rock music, revolt against the parents and listen to all the rock music they want. So keep restricting your citizen’s options, communist China: it’ll be your own undoing.

To be fair, the American Devil’s cultural influence is almost impossible to fight: if you try to restrict it, you bolster its value and it wins the people over with its mass appeal; if you let it flow freely, it wins the people over with its mass appeal. So if you’re a repressive government, you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. The only way to really fight it is to proclaim its ideals morally wrong; this works in all kinds of societies, ranging from the Amish to the Taliban. Unfortunately for the Chinese government, theirs is a secular government. Yet fortunately for the Chinese people and the Hollywood industrial complex, this means that in the not too distant future, China will be free to consume all the worthless media they can throw their dollars at.

From The New York Times