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Dove Real Beauty Sketches Of Women And Men

Earlier this week, Dove released a video of a forensic artist drawing two pictures of a series of women. One picture was drawn according to how the woman described herself, and the other was drawn according to how another woman described her. It turned out that women were overly critical of themselves, and the descriptions from other women were much more flattering and realistic:


So of course, three days later, a parody with men was made. This time, the men described themselves to the forensic artist, and women also described them, for a second drawing:

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Parody of ‘House Of Cards’ Set In Vatican

The Netflix-produced series House of Cards is set in Washington, D.C. and is about the machinations of a Congressman to get more power in the government. This parody, called House of Cardinals, is about the machinations of a Catholic Cardinal to become the next pope, following the resignation of Benedict XVI. If you watch House of Cards and aren’t the Church’s biggest fan, it’s that much funnier.

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From YouTube, via Happy Place

Look Up In The Sky, It’s Florida Man!

Probably after noticing that many, many ridiculous newspaper headlines use the term “Florida Man”, someone imagined that the journalists were referring to a terrible superhero, along the lines of Superman, Batman and Spiderman, but whose super power is “getting in trouble with the law”. So, they made a Twitter account and started posting these headlines, making it possible for everyone to follow Florida Man’s misadventures. Thus far, he’s been deemed too fat for jail, repeatedly called 911 to request that they send a female officer to have sex with him, then barely a month later got arrested for a DUI, only to blame it on a squirrel.

Florida Man


But that was in 2012; this year, we find out that Florida Man is actually bisexual and has a boyfriend whom he hit with a plate after getting annoyed with the amount of Alanis Morissette music the boyfriend was playing. His home situation gone awry, Florida Man moved in with his mom in Seattle a week later, but it didn’t last long: two days after that, he got high on bath salts and, after police showed up, he scratched their car with his teeth and caused 600$ worth of damage.

The only disappointing thing is many of the headlines that @_FloridaMan tweets don’t actually contain the words “Florida Man” in the title — though all of the ones above do.

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From Twitter, via Neatorama

Nickelback + Instagram = Great Potential For Ridicule

Pretty much everyone can agree that there’s really no reason either Instagram or Nickelback should be around. So here’s a funny video making fun of Instagram, set to the music of the 2005 hit (for some stupid reason) song “Look at this photograph” by Nickelback:

From College Humor, via Laughing Squid

Hilariously Misheard Song Lyrics

Some of these, you’ll wonder how you ever heard them properly to begin with — in between wiping your laughter tears:

From YouTube, via Pleated Jeans and FAIL Blog

Obama Is Not Impressed

Obama and McKayla

For the unwashed, that’s the McKayla that’s not impressed.

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From Flickr

Wes Anderson’s Star Wars

Wes Anderson has a very distinctive style, and made some quirky movies: Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Darjeeling Limited and most recently, Moonrise Kingdom. Now that there will be more Star Wars movies — that George Lucas won’t be directing — Conan shows us what they would be like if Wes Anderson were the director:

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From YouTube, via Neatorama

Vote For Zomney

Joss Whedon, the guy who made Buffy, The Avengers movie, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, made a new video explaining why he’s voting for Romney, and — unlike most endorsements — it has to do with the coming Zombie Apocalypse.

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From YouTube, via Angry_Robot


Grad School Is Like Scientology

Great video exposing the scam of graduate education, in which you always have to pay for more levels and are urged to make donations for life. For one grad student, they gave her “a 200 square-foot room where she was forced to serve as a Residential Advisor to sexually rampant alcoholics.”

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From YouTube, via Neatorama

Gangnam Wedding

This is a great parody video, in which a real bride and groom in San Francisco shot their wedding video Gangnam Style.

From YouTube, via Neatorama