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The Microsoft HoloLens Is Like An Augmented Reality Holodeck

HoloLens Builder

The floor, couch, table and walls are real. The Minecraft stuff is not.

HoloLens in the kitchen

The TV is a hologram, too

This January, Microsoft announced the most exciting thing they’ve created since the Kinect: a combination of the Oculus Rift and Google Glass called HoloLens. Except that unlike Glass, you’re not meant to wear it in public and open yourself up to ridicule and beatings; and unlike Rift, you’re not cut off from the world and placed in a (possibly disorienting) purely virtual one.

HoloLens is a set of goggles with a built-in computer which places holograms directly in your environment. So through visual trickery, you could look at your empty desk and actually see a 3-D hologram of a block of marble on it, then sculpt it into the Venus de Milo. Or you could play a game where the characters jump on your couch. Or see a screen on a blank wall. Take a look at the concept videos:

The thing is very much a prototype now, with the promise that it will be available “in the Windows 10 timeframe”. Developers and partners are supposed to get access to it this spring, but it’s not likely to be on the open market until 2016.

Wired tried it out and really liked it — they had nothing but good things to say. Engadget was a bit more real and said that in its current state, it sucks for two reasons: the prototype is heavy, hot and uncomfortable in general and the software is demo-quality only, not fully-fledged consumer-grade functionality. They did acknowledge that it has some great possibility, if Microsoft does it right. So if and when it gets there, it should make for a very, very cool gadget to get instead of the a differently-sized iPad or a smartwatch.

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From Microsoft, via Laughing Squid

Why Polyamory And Homosexuality Are Wrong

Poly is Greek for “many” and amor is Latin for “love”. Same goes for homo, which is Greek for “same” and sex, which is Latin for… “sex”.

Homosexuality? What barbarity! It’s half Greek and half Latin! — from the 1997 play The Invention of Love

There are a ton of other hybrid words like this: television, neuroscience, monolingual, sociology, amoral, bureaucracy, etc. In fact, there are so many that a word for words like this should exist: heteroriginal, from the Greek hetero meaning “different” and the Latin origin, meaning… “origin”.

From Zazzle, via FAIL Blog

Baby Mop

Before you get too excited at the two-birds-one-stone genius of this, know that it’s just a concept or possibly a joke — from all the way back in 2008. In either case, you can’t buy it. At least not yet, so please someone please start a Kickstarter project. Also, one for a soundproof baby helmet.

Update from Nov 2, 2012: Well, someone finally started making these: a website called BetterThanPants is selling them for 40$.

From Asian Joke and Huffington Post

The Best Useless Box Ever

Think Geek sells one of the greatest inventions of our time, illustrated in this 30 second video:

From ThinkGeek, via FAIL Blog

The 3 Best Things In HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Store

HBO’s Game of Thrones store is big — over 250 items. Most of them are for wearing, drinking out of, or sticking on something: t-shirts, hoodies, hats, pendants, mugs, glasses, shot glasses, iPhone and laptop skins and cases, etc. Below, the best three items in the collection:

Dragon Egg Paperweight, 45$. They probably don't have dragons inside and you're not a Targaryen, so don't walk into a funeral pyre with them.



Hilarious Hodor t-shirt, 25$. Pro tip: his real name is Walder.



Life-size replica of the Iron Throne, 30k$. It's made of fiberglass and resin, not the swords of your vanquished foes, but it'll impress your geeky friends nevertheless.


From The HBO Store

Salt Made From Different Kinds Of Tears

A company in London called Hoxton Street Monster Supplies sells a line of a salt supposedly made from a variety of human tears: ones of joy, sorrow, anger, as well as the ones from sneezing and chopping onions.


From Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, via Laughing Squid

A Map Of Thrones

This October, we will finally be able to get our hands on professional maps of the world in the A Song Of Fire And Ice book series and Game of Thrones TV series. The map collection, called The Lands Of Ice And Fire, is available for pre-ordering now, is blessed by GRRM, costs 26$, and includes the following maps:

The maps are supposedly excellent quality, but it would be nice to see a sample. But even if they’re as awesome as they sound, it seems like it may be best to wait for some later edition — one released after the book series is finished. But if you don’t want to wait another decade until that comes to pass, this is your chance for some legitimately cool cartography with which to decorate your dorm room or nerd cave. Or that of a nerd you love.

From Amazon, via Westeros

Neat Bookends

Assuming your book collection doesn’t go fully digital for a few years, Knob Creek Metal Arts sells these very cool bookends, and a lot of others.




From Knob Creek Metal Arts, via Laughing Squid

Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Cavehouse

One of Dick Clark’s houses is for sale: one bedroom, two bath in Malibu, for 3.5 million$.





Via Laughing Squid

The Other Cleavage

A Greek woman on Etsy sold this “Super Sexy Dress.”


Now if she also sold bra-like panties to go with it…

From Etsy, via Laughing Squid