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Excellent Hodor Cosplay

Hodor with Bran cereal

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gasp! inhale, pant, puff, respire


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We Do Not Sew

Hilarious Game of Thrones pun on Deviant Art:

We Do Not Sew by rony-robber

We Do Not Sew by rony-robber

If you don’t get it, the pun is on “We Do Not Sow”, which are “the words” (i.e., motto) of House Greyjoy, whose sigil features a kraken.

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Shoe Repair And Jesus Puns

The Hesus sign is clearly photoshopped (look at the Hs and Ss), but hopefully the rest is real.

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Reese Without Her Spoon


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Picture Of Zach Braff Screwing One Of His Fans

@zachbraff, Oct 17th, 4:23pm: A picture of me screwing one of my fans… http://say.ly/hTkRNJ

Zach Braff's photo A picture of me screwing one of my fans...


@zachbraff, Oct 18th, 4;37pm: Not sure how I gained 8,000 more followers overnight. But… hello and welcome.

@zachbraff, Oct 18th, 4:49pm: By the way, after I finished screwing that fan, it blew me all night.

In case you never saw Scrubs or Garden State, Zach Braff is a funny guy.

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