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Aaron Sorkin Is Writing The ‘Steve Jobs’ Movie

Two movies about Steve Jobs will be coming out somewhere around 2013: the first, will be an independent film called Jobs in which Ashton Kutcher will play Steve Jobs; the second will be a Sony studio film based on the definitive biography, Steve Jobs, written by famed biographer Walter Isaacson. Sony confirmed that the script for the latter will be written by Aaron Sorkin, so if you’re only going to see one, see that one.


Sorkin is arguably the best screenwriter in the business, having written more critically- and popularly-acclaimed scripts than probably anyone alive. While scripts for episodes of TV series are normally shuffled between a team of writers, Aaron Sorkin wrote every one of the first four seasons of The West Wing — a superhuman feat that was only possible due to his coke addiction. Since then, he’s written a play, a couple of movies, and is making a new TV show for HBO. One of the movies he made, The Social Network, was, like Steve Jobs, also an adaptation of a book about a young guy striking it rich in Silicon Valley.

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Apple Is Making A TV Set

Besides the fact that Steve Jobs accidentally met his real father without either of them knowing, it sounds like the other interesting revelation from The Gospel of Steve Jobs according to Walter Isaacson is that before he died, folks at Apple had reinvented the TV. Said Jobs to Isaacson: ““It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine,” as if anything else was even a possibility.  Anonymous Apple employees who can’t keep secrets say that the guy who invented iTunes (and had a big role in developing the iPod) is heading up the project — which, if it’s not called iTV, then Tim Cook isn’t doing a good job impersonating Jobs… who would’ve probably bought itv (the British TV network) just to get the trademark.

Apple is of course not acknowledging anything in order to build buzz and you know… keeping being Apple. But besides this rumor having popped up before, Steve also told his biographer that AppleTV (the toy that connects your Apple gadgets to your TV), was just a hobby, not an actual money maker. The iTV though will probably do stuff like integrate cable and streaming video into one interface and come with Siri and iCloud installed. Speculators say it’ll be out sometime in the next year or two. By then, Google will probably also come out with a mediocre TV, or at least a clunky operating system for it.

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Steve Jobs Was Half Arabic

The Internet is all aflutter with anticipation over the new Steve Jobs biography coming out on Monday. Excerpts have been released and the biographer is going to appear on 60 minutes on Sunday. Most of what’s been revealed so far is the kind of stuff you’d expect: that his hippie sensibilities made him seek alternative cancer treatment before resorting to surgery, and that he was really really mad at Google for trying to copy the iPhone. And then there’s the tid-bit about how him and his biological father met, without either of them actually knowing about it.

Steve Jobs' biological father, Abdulfattah Jandali

Steve Jobs was put up for adoption by his biological parents, because his German mother’s parents objected to her relationship with his father, a Syrian graduate student named Abdulfattah Jandali. This was back in 1954, and the German grandfather died ten months later; Steve’s parents got married shortly thereafter and had another kid name Mona in 1957, then divorced in 1962. In the 1980s, Steve Jobs tracked down his biological mother, Joanna, who had remarried and taken her new husband’s last name, and then met his sister Mona Simpson, a successful novelist. They kept their relationships a secret until 1986, when all three showed up to a party promoting Mona’s newest book. In an interesting turn of events, Mona later married one of the writers of The Simpsons, who named Homer’s mother Mona, after his wife.

Steve Jobs' biological sister, Mona Simpson


Homer Simpson's parents, Abe and Mona


At first, Jobs tried to also meet his father; but after learning about the man, he decided he didn’t like what he learned. Since he abandoned both him and his sister, you can’t really blame him. (Although in 1978, ironically, Jobs himself abandoned his illegitimate daughter for two years, claiming she wasn’t his because he was supposedly sterile.)  But in a giant coincidence, the biological father at one point ran a Mediterranean restaurant in Silicon Valley, one at which Jobs ate. In fact, before knowing that Steve Jobs was his son, the father bragged to the sister, Mona, that Steve Jobs ate there and was a big tipper.

The strangest thing to think about though, is that if Jobs would’ve never been put up for adoption — besides the fact that he might not have founded Apple — his name would’ve been Steve Jandali.

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Steve Jobs 2

The Onion has a video segment about the new Steve Jobs 2 which Apple is releasing.


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Steve Jobs Died — Round-up

The Internet has, of course, been overflowing with the news of Steve Jobs’ death. Below, a round-up of it all:

From Jonathan Mak Long



RIP Steve Jobs. Closest thing we had to Tony Stark. — @pattonoswalt

I’m wearing my black turtleneck at half mast (see: mid-riff only) tomorrow. — @SamGrittner

It would be awesome/miserable if all Mac products spontaneously combusted right now. — @JillMorris

Steve Jobs is in Heaven, angrily throwing a malfunctioning demo harp at some angels as they scramble to find a working back-up.#RIPSteveJobs — @paulcibis

DIP Steve Jobs. Sorry, that was auto-correct. RIP Steve Jobs. 🙁 — @iamledgin

You guys I’m sad about Steve Jobs too but SteveJobs2 comes out in like a month. — @eliroth

CNN: “Apple visionary Steve Jobs dies”. Fox News: “America loses Jobs under Obama” — @Nicolucci1899

My iPhone just dropped a call, but maybe it was just having a moment of silence. — @JoeMande

I’m still trying to get a handful of folks to FORGET what I created in my parent’s garage in the 70s. #ThankYouSteve — @trumpetcake

RIP Steve Jobs. He’s amongst the iclouds now…. — @Lord_Voldemort7

Just wait; 2 years from now, Bill Gates will die too, but in a much less user-friendly and intuitive way. #steveJobs — @hollywoodphony



Steve Jobs’ 2007 keynote in which he introduces the iPhone:


His commencement address at Stanford in 2005:


His first keynote after coming back to Apple in 1997. This one is pretty long, but it’s very interesting: he’s not yet the CEO of Apple, and the keynote has a very informal Q&A format in which he lays out the principles that Apple would adhere to for the next 14 years.


And finally, Wired changed its main page to a tribute of Steve Jobs, with quotes from tech celebrities:

Wired Magazine's main page

“The world rarely sees someone who has had the profound impact Steve has had, the effects of which will be felt for many generations to come. For those of us lucky enough to get to work with him, it’s been an insanely great honor. I will miss Steve immensely.”  — Bill Gates

“The world has lost a visionary. And there may be no greater tribute to Steve’s success than the fact that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented. Michelle and I send our thoughts and prayers to Steve’s wife Laurene, his family, and all those who loved him.” — President Barack Obama

His last public appearance was in June of this year, when he went before the Cupertino (where Apple is based) city council to present plans for Apple’s new campus. He resigned as CEO two and a half months later, on August 24th.


Steve Jobs At A City Council Meeting

Apple’s headquarters are in Cupertino, CA, and their campus is spread out across several buildings, most of which they currently rent. Steve Jobs would like to change that situation, so five years ago Apple started buying a bunch of land from HP. Last night, he went in front of the city council to present the new building, which looks like a giant ring, though for some reason he thinks it looks like a spaceship. There are three reasons to watch this video:

  1. Some guy that could easily be Lloyd from Entourage runs the meeting
  2. The actual presentation of the new building plans is pretty interesting
  3. Seeing the council members trip all over themselves to fawn at Steve Jobs is funny

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