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Middle School Teacher Used To Be A Porn Star

In a very exotic case of life imitating art, the plot of every middle school boy’s wet dream has come true: their hot science teacher somehow started doing porn on the side (see update below) — probably because she needed money one lonely summer. As of 2012, she was 31 and her porn name is Tiffany Six, meaning either her middle name is Tiffany, or she had a cat named Tiffany and grew up on 6th Street somewhere.

Tiffany Six


In a turn of events that no one could have seen coming, her secret identity was found out by the chaste students in her southern California school, not far from San Pornando Valley. When the titillating news reached the ears of administrators, an investigation was quickly launched. But to their great disappointment, none of the hardcore porn footage they had been promised could be found and the accusations were deemed mere baseless rumor. However, some of the more passionate teachers didn’t want to give up the dream quite so easily; emboldened by a belief in superior Googling skills, they continued the investigation via smartphones and were soon rewarded with immoral treasure.

But how? Well, in their haste, the administrators forgot about parental controls on school computers which are very effective at preventing students from watching porn and discovering teachers’ night jobs.  After thoroughly watching all the videos on smartphones, the school district placed Ms. Six on paid administrative leave. While her contract doesn’t have a morality clause, officials are hopeful they can find something in it which they can use to fire her.

Update, 21 April 2012: On April 18th, the school board unanimously voted to fire Ms. Six. She hired a lawyer and is planning on disputing her dismissal.

Update, 16 January 2013: On January 15th, Tiffany Six lost an appeal to get her job back, and it’s likely that the salary and benefits she’s been receiving all this time will be revoked too. Also, her lawyer says that Tiffany’s porn career only lasted for nine months in 2006, just before she started teaching. If true, and she graduated college at 22 like most people but didn’t start teaching until 25, maybe she turned to porn after not having a job for two years. Maybe it all started on a casting couch.

Via The Daily Mail and ABC News

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