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Remote Controlled Flying Superman

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The Best Useless Box Ever

Think Geek sells one of the greatest inventions of our time, illustrated in this 30 second video:

From ThinkGeek, via FAIL Blog

Polaroid Instant-Print Digital Camera

Since the rise of the digital camera with its ability to instantly display pictures and the possibility of emailing them, the popularity of Polaroids has tanked and the company went bankrupt in 2001. But one feature the old Polaroids still have on digital cameras is the ability to give someone a picture, right after taking it. It’s a minor feature, so it hasn’t exactly been moving analog Polaroids off the shelf, but it’s still nice to have. Well, digital technology has finally come full circle and Polaroid is selling a 300$ digital camera that prints out pictures instantly — without any ink. It’s the exact digital equivalent of the analog Polaroids.

Z340 Polaroid Instant Digital Camera


The camera has all the standard digital whistles: 14 megapixels, LCD screen, SD card, rechargeable battery. The pictures are printed by an integrated printer, and can be viewed and cropped first. They’re 3×4, water- and tear-resistant, smudge-proof and borderless — but you can add borders to the pictures, including one that makes them look like the original Polaroid photos. The printer uses very cool zero-ink (Zink) technology, which prints by turning white crystals embedded in the special paper it uses, into appropriate colors. All in all, a very cool toy.


The old, analog Polaroid One-Step 600


From Polaroid, via Extreme Tech and Slashdot

Air Fish

They’re filled with helium, are refillable, run on 4 AAA batteries and cost 40$.

Air Swimmers Via Neatorama