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Beautiful Timelapses Of Norway

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From Vimeo, via Heidi Bardi

200 Years Ago, It Took 6 Weeks To Go From NYC To Chicago

Now it takes less than two hours — that’s 600x faster. The map below, from the 1932 Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States shows how long it took to get from New York City to the various parts of the country.


This was before railroads were an option. By 1830, the trip from New York City to Chicago was halved to three weeks, and by 1857, it was down to two days. Sixty years later, it was halved again to one day — still by rail. Now, you can get to any major city in the world in less than a day, and to almost any point on the planet. Back in 1800, that day would get you to New Jersey. In fact, now, you could theoretically get to the moon in just a couple of days — something literally unimaginable when Thomas Jefferson was alive. Whereas 200 years earlier than that, in Shakespeare’s time, the top speed was exactly the same: the speed of horse.

Mother Nature Network has a couple of more maps from the atlas.


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The Budget Hotel With Prison-like Levels Of Comfort

The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam uses a method of advertising that can only be referred to as reverse-psychology. Among the highlights found on its website:

The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel has been proudly disappointing travellers for forty years. Boasting levels of comfort comparable to a minimum-security prison

… amenities include … An elevator that almost never breaks down between floors … Doors that lock.

The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel isn’t just a cheap youth hostel in Amsterdam. It’s a cheap, dirty, cold, poorly lit youth hostel in Amsterdam.

“What can I say? It was cheap. But not that cheap. I mean, a bus shelter offers the same facilities.” – Charlotte, Texas.

“What is that smell? I demand to know what that smell is.” – Lisa, Oklahoma.

Those wishing to stay at the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, Amsterdam, do so at their own risk and will not hold the hotel liable for food poisoning, mental breakdowns, terminal illness, lost limbs, radiation poisoning, certain diseases associated with the 18th century, plague, etcetera.

It’s got 3 circles from 231 reviews on Trip Advisor and is ranked #55 out of 126 “specialty lodging” places. The distribution of reviews is all over the board, but “average” and “very good” have the highest numbers, so it can’t be that bad.

Photos of Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, Amsterdam

This photo of Hans Brinker Budget Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor


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Google Non-Street View Galleries

It looks like the Google cars ran out of streets to drive on, because the company’s been busy taking Street View-type of photographs of a lot of other places. The latest addition is a boat ride on the Amazon, but they also have a train ride through the Swiss Alps, ski slopes, university campuses and lots of other monuments and natural vistas from all over the world. It’s definitely worth taking a virtual trip to all of these places.


From Google Maps, via The Google Blog

Giant Salt Mirror

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia: the largest salt desert in the world.

From 1x.com, via Neatorama