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The ‘Cutest Gangsta I Know’ Is Now In A Car Commercial

About six weeks ago, some guy caught his wife rapping in the car to Salt-N-Pepa’s 1993 hit, None of Your Business, put the 40 second video on YouTube, and it has since garnered some 16 million views. Apparently, Acura thought this would make for a great car commercial because they put her in the new one for the 2015 Acura RDX, in which she raps along to Blondie’s Rapture. It first aired during the Rose Bowl, and came out pretty well:

The woman is Chelsea Ranger from Ontario, Canada. Her husband — the one who filmed her — is Paolo Salomao and is a creative director and co-founder of the East End Project studio. About a week after he posted the YouTube video, Chelsea appeared on the Ellen show, where they shooped:

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Via iSpot.tv, Car Crushing and The Washington Post

The Cutest Gangsta Some Guy Knows, Is His Wife

Here she is, rapping to Salt-N-Pepa’s 1993 hit, None of Your Business:

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Two Wild Kangaroos Boxing In A Street Brawl

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Surprisingly, Most Panhandlers Are Not Homeless

In most people’s minds, panhandling obviously implies homelessness because if you have a home, why would you beg on the street corner? But according to both the Homeless Alliance in Oklahoma, and the Northeast Ohio Coallition for the Homeless, research shows that most panhandlers really are just trying to get extra cash, which they generally use to feed substance addictions. And conversely, most homeless people do not panhandle. Which makes sense, considering the availability of welfare programs for the impoverished.

Need cash for alcohol research

Probably the worst example you’re likely to see of a panhandler taking advantage of the misconception that panhandlers are destitute, is this elderly woman that drives a brand new car, who was caught by one of her benefactors:

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Beautiful Timelapses Of Norway

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How To Do Meetings, The Don Draper Way

This is from “Tale of Two Cities”, episode 10 of season 6.

And this one is from “The Phantom”, the finale of season 5.

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Kate The Wasp

Kate Hendricks is a comedienne who has a web series called Kate The Wasp. (WASP, meaning White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant.) It’s really good satire. Here she is joining OkCupid:

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How Not To Explain ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’ In 2 minutes

For those not cool/nerdy enough, A Song of Ice And Fire is the name of the book series of which A Game of Thrones is the first. (The name probably comes from Norse mythology, in which the first being, Ymir, was created in the void between ice and fire. There are lots of other Norse elements in the books, like long winterdragons, frost giants, giant wolvesflaming swords and magical trees. There’s even a blog about all this.) ANYWAY, Slacktory does a really funny job “trying” to explain the whole book series in two minutes:

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What If A Pro Football Coached Switched To Soccer?

My favorite quote:

No playoffs? Again, my job just got a lot easier. Ties and no playoffs…. why do you even do this?

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From YouTube, via Elite Daily and Michelle

Cubicles & Careers: Dungeons & Dragons For Fantastical Beings

Humans like to fantasize about worlds filled with wondrous creatures and magic and quests. But what would the inhabitants of such a place fantasize about? Frustrating worlds filled with cubicles and procedures.

From YouTube, via Neatorama