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Shit Yogis Say

Along the same lines as Shit Girls Say and Shit Black Girls Say, Lululemon Athletica made a hilarious new video about yogis — the yoga fanatics, not the bear or Berra.

  • I’m concerned about your aura
  • You know, carrot sticks are nature’s candy and apples are actually nature’s toothbrush
  • I drank way too much kombucha last night
  • How do you say that in Sanskrit?
  • I need a coconut water
  • I hear Lady Gaga loooves yoga
  • Let’s go to the farmer’s market after class!
  • Namaste
  • Nobody owns yoga
  • The diva cup changed my life
  • I love pigeon; tastes like chicken
  • Try this, it’s really good
  • I’ve got total yoga hair
  • My chakras are sooo aligned
  • Wanna see where I can put my leg? You want to see where I can put my leg.
  • Did you see his handstand? He’s sooo hot!
  • Where’s my moccasins?
  • It’s organic, BPA-free, vegan, and gluten-free
  • I feel so balanced right now
  • My hips are so open right now
  • I just bought some reaaaly cool eye shadow for my third eye
  • It feels like a full moon
  • I don’t go to any specific type of yoga: I like to freestyle.
  • Let’s do wheatgrass shots after this
  • Hey, do you wanna do an infrared sauna after this?
  • Did you hear that hemp milk is the new almond milk?
  • I lost my voice last weekend from om-ing too much

From YouTube

Funny Names For Yoga Poses

Yoga poses have sort of descriptive English names such as “Downward Dog“, but “The Reason Guys Stand Behind Girls In Class” is a lot more meaningful to a novice. So these are way better.

From Pleated Jeans, via someecards