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Vote For Zomney

Joss Whedon, the guy who made Buffy, The Avengers movie, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, made a new video explaining why he’s voting for Romney, and — unlike most endorsements — it has to do with the coming Zombie Apocalypse.

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From YouTube, via Angry_Robot


Morton Bath Salts

(If you don’t get the reference, it’s about the Miami Zombie, who ate a homeless guy’s face and the speculation was that he was tripping on bath salts — this turned out to be wrong.)

Interesting fact about this image: the Morton Zombie was created by a graphic designer in 2010, and was unrelated to bath salts. From the creator’s own post on Reddit:

The Morton Salt Zombie was originally designed by Michael J. Katits (myself) of KlimeCo in 2010 based on the iconic Morton Salt girl. It’s original message was a commentary on the creative process using the memorable image of a zombie to symbolize an artist’s struggle against failure in the creative field. Its original tagline was “When it brains it pours”, meaning, when you’re in your element, you’re on a role. Since the zombie apocolypse however, a clever fan added Morton Bath Salts to the image giving it a “new life” so to speak.

If you enjoy my work visit KlimeCo for more zombie-rific designs and commissions!

From imgur and KlimeCo, via Reddit

Woman Wakes Up At Her Own Funeral, Then Dies Of Shock

The Daily Mail has one of those stories that is sure to become urban legend in a few years, and really brings home the real reason people hold wakes for the dead. So a 49-year old woman in Kazan, Russia died of a heart attack, or at least that’s the doctors said. But apparently Russian doctors are of the same quality as Russian… well, anything, because she woke up during her funeral, saw people praying for her soul, freaked out, had another heart attack and died for real 12 minutes later.

Or maybe, just maybe, the Russian doctors were actually mad scientists who injected her with a preliminary version of their zombie drug, and it only worked for 12 minutes — this time. It would kind of make sense for the zombie apocalypse to start in Russia though, wouldn’t it?

From The Daily Mail